Of gargoyles and dragons and strangers, oh my!

Sarrah Siruleane

UP: Napa Valley

    Well folks, after my last article I wandered my way down the roads and pathways of our land until I found the home of the illusive Alae Rysear on Moonglow. Interesting place I might add. Good location but who the heck was the decorator! This guy must love blue as much as Tarina Faa likes red. Do these people not realize variety in decorating can be a good thing!

    Ah well... I may not be subtle in my articles but my clothing and decorating preferences are a bit more elegant. But that is not what I am here to talk about. The home of this Rysear fellow is unlocked! At least the front door is and boy, does this guy like books! They are all over the place. On the desk, on the floor, he needs a housekeeper!

    Enough of that fellow for now, I know what you have been waiting for, the translations I promised. Well, thanks to a source, who wishes to remain nameless, don't they all, I have the translations of what the scared gargoyles across the land were saying. Since I am not sure what the heck is really going on with the gypsy or the majestic dragon, Katazar, they will probably mean more to you than I.

    The translator asked me to remind you that gargish leaves out words we Britannians use to specify who is being spoken of, so he added some comments in []. So with that, on to what was learned! I warn you... this is a bit long.

    Four gargoyles about our lands have been found and these are translations of what they say in gargish as well as their other words. They are frightened, hiding from their kind, and seem to babble a bit but all together what they say, well, does not sound good for that blue dragon. So read on and mayhap you can make sense of it all.

Our talk with the frightened Gargoyle in the mines:
*If asked about the dragon, the response was "No kill [me]..." then he looked around scared and said "Poor blue one..."
*If asked about the blue dragon, the response was "To magic [we] gargoyle[s] use ... hurt blue one."
*If asked of a spell, the response was "Hurt dragon... powerful magic..."
*If asked about the gargoyles, the response was "Undonte anlockre trak ali garglulem." (Loose translation: Do not tell the any gargoyles you saw me.)
*If asked about magic, the response was "[I] Hate [this] magic... be scared!" and he started to shake.
*If one mentioned killing or attacking, the responses were "An agrate!" (Loose translation: No attack [me]!) or "No... hurt..." after which he would shake with fright.

Talking with the nervous Gargoyle lead to these revelations:
*If one mentioned gargoyles, he answered "Gargoyles... so cruel." then places his head in hands and said "Poor dragon."
*If one mentioned the dragon, he answered "Kredte quawis vas anamote Drakulem." (Loose translation: Why do they [gargoyles?] hate dragons so much.)
*If one mentioned the blue dragon, he answers "Book hold secret... strong magic."
*If one mentioned book/s, he answered "Books human garbage" and looked upset.
*If one mentioned what they were doing, he answered "Me know not... of.... ummmm.... plots" and refused to look you in the eye.
*If one mentioned a plot, he looked very nervous and said "Gres porte anskite balconwis." (Loose translation: Leave, [I] know not of plots.)
*If one mentioned hurting something, he answered "Blue dragon.... poor dragon..." and looked sad.
*If one mentioned killing something, he answered "An agrate!" (Translation: See above.)

A visit with a troubled gargoyle, led to a few new answers:
*If you mentioned gargoyles, he said, "No tell" looked around suspiciously and added "Me killed!"
*If you mentioned the dragon, he said "Draklem? Undonte sini draklem." (Loose translation: Dragon? Seek the blue dragon.)
*If you mentioned the blue dragon, he said bluntly "Hurt blue dragon, the nodded quickly and added "soon!"
*If you mentioned magic, he said "Estre qua kal ortre... estres vasbal trak Draklem." (Loose translation: If four cast the spell, doom for the dragon."
*If you mentioned the spell, his answer was scary, "Four cast... take magic... dragon all gone!"
*If you mentioned gems, he shook his head and said simple "Humans have [them]."
*If you mentioned killing him, he said "No human... no attack [me]!"

After conversing with the cowering Gargoyle near Wind, this is what he said:
*When ask of the gargoyles, he responded "Why gargoyle[s] hate dragon? [Makes] No sense!"
*When asked of magic, he said "Anamote mani, quaskorpte". (Loose translation: Hate this magic, it scares me.]
*When ask about the spell, he said "Spell strong... magic gone."
*When asked of spells, his answer was "Kredte guo klepre tu beninailem de bentas." (Loose translation: How will they get the artifacts of Virtue?")
*When asked what they were doing, he said "[I] No talk [to] human[s]... [I] no talk [of] plot!"
*When asked of the plot, he said "Estre vidre lokre est hiumanulem, estre inkropre." (Loose translation: If I am found talking to humans, they will kill me.]
*When asked of the gems of Virtue, he shook his head in disbelief and said "Gems of virtue... I know not."
*If you mentioned attacking or killing, he said "No hurt me!" or "An agrate!" (Translation: See above)
    Well, that is what I was told. I hope it helps a bit. After writing all of this down, I hope those folks trying to help this creature figure out what to do. The gargoyles are up to something big involving strong magic, the gems of the Virtues and that dragon.

    I will snoop around some more and see what I can listen in on, oh I mean find out!
'Till next time!.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,Saturday, September 25th 1999