Ambassadors from another land visit Britain

Garth Ranzz

UP: Sonoma

    Many have heard of ibn al’Asifa and his horse races outside Britain held every Tuesday evening at 9:00 PM PST. What many may not know is that the race is for more than mere sport. I had the pleasure of meeting with Ilien en’Asifa, mother to the famed ibn al’Asifa, master of ceremony of the horse races.

    We met at The Sweet Dreams Inn in Britain where Ilien, her guard, ibn, and a man named Cerin al’Eceri had taken rooms.

    “What brings you and your son so far from home, m’lady?” I asked, feeling humbled by the wisdom evident in this woman’s eyes.

    Ilien spoke slowly with dignity and honor, “My son has come to find the swiftest of your he has been directed by my prophecy. Only the swiftest can help to free his love, Yasmine, who stands frozen in ice as we speak.”

    “What prophecy is it that you speak of Ma’am?” I queried.

    “The swiftest of your people must be found to free poor Yasmine. I can only say that it must be someone from these lands. And that they must be found quickly. More of the prophecy shall be revealed as the time is right.” She said.

    “And why are we so honored to have a visit from you as well?” I questioned.

    “I fear my visit is of a serious nature for my people. I have come to retrieve ibn. He must return with me to his people to meet before the council and defend his rightful place as leader of our tribe. A claim has been made against his leadership by his cousin, Cerin al’Eceri. It is now up to the council to hear argument and make a choice as to who shall lead,” Ilien answered.

    “Will you be staying with us long, m’lady?” I asked.

    “We will leave for our home on this Thursday eve, at 9:00 PM PST. Any that would stand in support of my son is welcome to accompany us. We shall be gathering here at The Sweet Dreams Inn, in Britain,” Ilien stated.

    An interesting woman, and an interesting culture. I wish good luck and godspeed to Ilien and her son in their search for the swiftest in our lands. May their people grow and prosper.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, October 6th 1999