Spotlight on public figures: Xandrick of Wind

Garth Ranzz

UP: Sonoma

    In a continuing effort to inform the citizens of Sosaria of the people in local governments, the spotlight this time is on Xandrick of Wind. Few have heard of Xandrick, and even fewer have met him. This writer did a bit of research to examine this mysterious public figure a little more closely.

    Xandrick is rarely seen without his signature staff in hand. A tall man, with long well-kept red hair and a short red Vandyke, Xandrick is a most interesting man in both appearance and action.

    Not only does Xandrick hold a seat on the Colloquium of Wind, the ruling body that governs the city-state known as Wind, but is its ‘voice’ as well. Many may also know Xandrick as the man having made claim for the great artifact known as Sindl’s Flame a while ago. It is said that he has interest in returning this great power back to Wind where he claims it rightfully belongs.

    Little is known about the man other than his public office and expressed interests in Sindl’s Flame.

    Some say he is reserved, almost, elitist. Yet others claim he seems “kind and sincere”.

    A member of The Mage’s Tower is quoted as saying: “He has offered to help the Tower with their endeavor, to raise another building above the waves. When he came here, he seemed benign enough.”

    Involved with some interesting elements in our realm, Xandrick a man to watch and another example of our public figures in the spotlight.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, October 11th 1999