Moonglow Moonlight Massacre

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior


The criers shouted quickly, first in the city, then outwards across the land as the word travelled the Encyclopaedia Magicka in Moonglow and surrounding area was under attack on Monday. Snow elementals, trolls and fiends pounded the pathway and everyone on it from the Mage Tower stretching southward to the residences of Gilkemgain the alchemist and Professor Temesa of the Lycaeum. Neither home appeared to be damaged by the onslaught, although a noticeable bit of frost appeared upon the apple tree outside Lady Temesa's dwelling. Dozens of warriors fell, and very few escaped uninjured. The battle continued for almost an hour. The crowd poured into the city in defense of this once quiet scholarly city that has seemed unsettled since the initial appearance of the Gelidum several months ago. With the discovery of the ice experiments in the house to the south of this popular mage shop, speculation abounds how such sinister activity could be kept quiet for so long.

After a while of helpless protesting, the guards remembered their duty and snapped to attention. Fiend one in the center of the crowd fell quickly. Fiend two died as well. However, the guards stood frozen as the third descended, making a showy last stand. The crowd dispatched the foul beast, and the guards snapped out of their trance.

Even Dulcie (the Moonglow Town Crier) seemed confused at this, first crying out with a mocking laugh, "The Gelidum thanks the warm ones for the entertainment." then straightening up again and yelling out what a good job the brave warriors had done. Dulcie kept repeating these things over and over, until this reporter concluded perhaps the lady needed a small rest. When this was pointed out, Dulcie ran away, dropping a scrap of paper. Ordinarily, it would be our duty to relay these things to the appropriate parties without delay, yet the speculation about tomorrow evening's events cause the Town Cryer Newspaper to make this available to all interested parties.

Warm ones prove to be nothing more amusing than a game to us. Their petty lies sicken the air until it is as foul as the stench they create as they fall. The warm ones who bring offers of help with shallow concerns of the welfare to our own anger us. They serve themselves first, otherwise their loyalty shifts with the wind.

Bring us the alchemist Gavin. Meet Thursday at the Keg and Anchor at ten in the evening central time with him, otherwise save thy babble for children and fools, for the Gelidum is neither of these.

Warm ones of the Mage Tower, listen not to those who seek to confuse. The Gelidum can (and does) speak for itself.

Dulcie returned the next morning, with no further comments, and refused to answer our questions. Meanwhile, Moonglow stands in shock and confusion at this turn of the events, leaving silence in all directions on this fall evening.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Saturday, October 16th, 2000