Trinsic Poisoned!!

Garth Ranzz

UP: Sonoma


Citizens and onlookers were horrified this evening as an army of trolls carrying a virulent poison attacked the walled city of Trinsic!

At least three phalanxes of the enemy struck. The largest part of the army struck the main gate, while a smaller force tried to penetrate through the Smuggler’s gate. Citizens of the city, and adventurers from all over the realm quickly came to defend fair Trinsic. While losses were high, the frontal assaults were repelled.

However, this army was merely a feint for the true battle: at the base of the waterfall that feeds the city with fresh drinking water, another army of trolls held the area while their leader, a mighty troll warrior, began to poison the water supply. This troll was described as being sickly green—perhaps from the effects of the poison he carried.

Many answered the call to stop this stealthy assault, but as the minutes ticked on, and the concentration of fumes got more intense, it was clear the defenders were outnumbered, and outmatched. Ultimately, the party killed the troll leader, but not before it succeeded in adding enough poison to the water to effect the town.

Citizens started dropping like flies; poison elementals appeared in the streets; and vast fields of poisonous gas enveloped the city. This reporter has never seen such carnage and bloodshed. It appeared as though all hope was lost, and that the city would be lost to us forever...

...when suddenly an unlikely savior appeared! Balart, the Archmage strode forward with an clear white potion that he claimed could undo the effects of the poison. He stated that he came as soon as word reached his ears, and that he only hoped he was not too late.

Several in the crowd questioned the sincerity of this man’s word, but none could deny that his elixir did clear the problem within minutes.

Speaking to the crowd gathered, he vowed to find the person or persons responsible for sending this craven attack. He also made the following statement to his detractors, “I only want the satisfaction that I am helping my fellow man. There are those here, however, who claim to follow the Virtues, yet, like raving lunatics, attack me at every turn. Due to the concentration of the poison, due to their inability to protect fair Trinsic, you needed my aid. Thankfully, I need not your trust, just your clear understanding of what transpired here this night. I stepped forward to save Trinsic this time. Next time, unless I am shown proper respect, I may not be so quick. I hope we are crystal clear?”

Balart then proceeded to tour the ravaged town, eyeing the bodies stacked like cordwood. Once he was satisfied the city was secure, he departed for his home in the Hedge Maze, revowing that he would find the person or persons responsible, and bring them to justice. Anyone with leads, he added, should come visit him in the center of the maze.

Regardless of personal feelings one might have of the man, it is clear that he did, in fact, cure the poison. Trinsic owes a debt of life to Balart.

In a press conference later that night, the Mayor of Trinsic spoke of the possibility of adding a “Balart day” to the civic calendar.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Saturday, October 16th, 2000