Renowned Psychic Makes Astonishing Claim

Garth Ranzz

UP: Sonoma


Doria Romanov, a gypsy rumored to possess great psychic ability, claims to be channeling the spirit of The Lady Birmingham from the beyond. Doria, who can often be seen in the woods and untrodden paths of Sosaria, had this to say: “The Lady Birmingham has communicated to me from the spirit plane, and is in need of our help. I seek any that wish to aid in the downfall of her father, Balart.”

Lady Birmingham, or “Bree” to those who knew her, was slain months ago in her home in Caendryl. A woman of much virtue and hope, Lady Birmingham left behind a large group of mourners and friends who carry her memory. But it seems that it is not only her memory that is alive in Britain at present. Reports of an ebon-skinned woman dressed in full Black Armor have been heard around the lands. This woman carries the same name as The Lady Birmingham, yet her title and actions expose her as something else.

“’Twas her father that did this abomination,” Ms. Romanov stated. “He resurrected her flesh, but her soul remains in The Gray, the land where dwell the spirits of those who have led good lives, yet cannot move on to paradise.”

Balart, Bree’s legendary father, has been the talk of Sosaria lately. Accusations about this mystery man abound, including the most recent controversy involving the poisoning of Trinsic.

“He is foulness and corruption walking,” claimed the Gypsy. “Do not let this one fool you! His intentions are of the darkest nature. ‘Tis for this reason I come forth. The Lady Birmingham must be reached to aid those who oppose this monster. By finding his true name, exposing him for what he is, he will fall.”

Doria invites all who wish to aid in the destruction of Balart to meet on Tuesday October 19th at 8PM PST to attend a séance to contact the Lady Birmingham. This séance will be held at the Britannia Public Library in west Britain.

“’Tis an ideal time for a séance,” Doria added. “The current planetary alignment strengthens my contact with the realm of the dead. The veil between the lands of the living and of the dead grows thinner during such times.”

Gerad Tornil of the Moonglow Observatory confirmed yesterday that the alignment of planets under the constellation known as “The Daemon” was indeed manifesting.

“This is a great and rare event!” stated Mr. Tornil in a town meeting last eve in Moonglow. “A Great Conjunction happens only once in a thousand years!”

The alignment takes place between October 20th and October 31st.

“All the planets will be within one degree of conjunction during this time,” commented Mr. Tornil. When asked of the spiritual repercussions of such an alignment Mr. Tornil scoffed stating, “This is a grand and wondrous event of science and discovery. Let us not belittle it with myth and superstition.”

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Sunday, October 17th, 2000