Cure Components Revealed

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior


The search is on for components to cure the ranger Kyry, trapped in the harsh depths of the Ice Dungeon of Glacia. Led by the alchemist Gilkemgain of Moonglow, it is no surprise many noble warriors and mages of our land have gathered to help in his efforts. At first the assistant seemed reluctant to share components of the cure. Given the amount of people volunteering to help he has willingly come forth to offer what he knows since his initial release of information. The first ingredient he shared was mushrooms. After a couple weeks delay waiting for mushrooms to be in season interested parties assembled in Moonglow to collect them with shovels in hand.

When the group gathered, it was revealed the mushrooms themselves were not as important as the enriched dirt surrounding them. With the assistance of Professor Temesa, the group found themselves in a search spanning far and wide across the land in search of faerie circles that would serve as likely candidates to providing enough dirt. As the group searched, boxes were revealed. These boxes were taken back to Moonglow where they were opened. The contents of the boxes were diverse, including books, gold, magical items, and keys hidden inside. When the keys were placed in order the following riddle was revealed:

High born, my touch is gentle,
purest white is my lace
silence is my kingdom
green is the color of my death
What am I?
Studies have concluded the answer to this riddle is “snow”. But what kind of snow, and where would it be found? Time is running out to find the answers, faithful readers. The Gelidum has become more vocal in their demands and has not wavered in their stance. A woman in ice blue delivered this note recently to the High Council. This woman, always dressed in ice blue and the young boy in white have served as fearless messengers delivering bold statements from the Gelidum over the past couple months. However, this duo has never been caught.

Warm ones,

The Gelidum enjoys a certain amount of honesty in our dealings, yet the warm ones are still content with lies and grandiose claims. The Gelidum knew Gavin escaped from the cell in Trinsic. It was almost to be expected. Upon learning the alchemist escaped the Gelidum did not waste any further time at that tacky dive Trinsic calls a tavern. The predictibility of warm ones is highly laughable on occasion, and as much as the Gelidum could have responded sooner- but there was something inherently amusing at watching the warm ones bicker among themselves after the incident. The Gelidum thanks the warm ones for the entertainment.

The Gelidum simply wants the ranger out of our kingdom and to make peace. Two weeks, warm ones, or the Gelidum shall merely finish the job started by one of your own. The Gelidum knows the warm ones are not capable to do it alone. The Geldium can help the warm ones with this matter. All we require is the alchemist in return for our information. The warm ones have failed to provide him, yet the Gelidum still shows compassion. Go ahead. Be stubborn, warm ones. The Gelidum understands. Once the ranger dies for your lack of action, the Gelidum shall have no need to discuss anything, alchemist or not. Think about this offer. Now who is more merciful in their dealings? The warm ones who wish to kill with no compassion, or the Gelidum?

Perhaps now the High Council wishes to reconsider their position and their foolish words of months past? If not, as Nordica fell, so did Frost, and so shall Kate. The Gelidum watched the betrayal of those who selfishly kept the Mage Tower from delivering Gavin. Find Kate if she still lives. Ask her what the Gelidum does to those who betray. Watch them fall, warm ones, and learn well what lies ahead. The warm ones still have a choice. The Gelidum will stop the wrongdoings of the past one way or another. Already we have shown our strength in our visits to the cities of the warm ones. These are only gentle visits compared to what will be.

The Gelidum
Information gathered in Moonglow concludes the best times to catch the otherwise elusive assistant Gilkemgain is on either Tuesdays or Thursdays after 8pm CST to discuss this matter.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Thursday, October 21st, 2000