Grimoire Hosts PvP Tournament

PD Harris

UP: Napa Valley

    The player run town of Grimoire held their weekly Friday night Player vs. Player tournament high atop the towns tower this evening, with eight combatants vying to be the sole survivor - thus gaining the right to loot all they could carry from their fallen foes. Craggan ably ran the contest in the stead of the disreputable Huginn who normally hosts these events. She had been called away on urgent affairs elsewhere, although she did arrive in time to witness the final blows as they were being delivered.

The combatants for this evenings “Bar Brawl”, as it was titled, were Dark Destroyer, Novakane, Ivalice, Varadin, Obelix, Hyperion, Lost, and A Teletubbie. They all fought gallantly, and aside for a minor disagreement afterwards on rules, the event went off without a hitch.

As the fight began first blood was drawn early with two kills, then slowly but surely the field dwindled down to just two remaining. A Teletubbie and Lost fought one another fiercely in this no holds barred contest. The air sizzled as they hurled spell after spell back and forth, but in the end it was A Teletubbie left standing. As his prize, he was allowed to loot all that he could carry from the slain bodies. After filling his packs with as many reagents and other useful items he could find on his fallen foes, he then was presented a Durable Accurate Pickaxe of Vanquish and Feeblemindedness as a bonus by Mayor Cardinal Fear.

The Disreputable Lady Huginn, previous mayor of Grimoire, holds these Player vs. Player styled tournaments most every Friday night atop the towns’ tower. The tower is open to the public at all times serving many functions for the residents as well as for the passing visitor. Though Grimoire is an Evil aligned town, people of all beliefs are welcomed and protected while inside the town limits. Each week a different style of combat is chosen for the ever-changing contestants to test their skills. Spectators are always welcome to watch from the tower stairs or from behind barricaded areas as long as they adhere to the rules of conduct for the event and the town. Admission is free for the spectators but there is usually a registration cost for the combatants with the proceeds being returned one hundred percent to the first three placers, fifty percent to the victor, thirty and twenty percent respectively for second and third place.

The town of Grimoire is located on the northwestern shores of Fire Island, (where the dungeon Hythloth and Shrine of Humility can be found), and can be accessed by boat or by contacting Huginn at ICQ #6773255 for special arrangements.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Thursday, March 9th 2000