Kidnapping in Trinsic

Theobald Waldemir

UP: Great Lakes


Several nights ago, the sandstone city of Trinsic was invaded by a group of twenty to thirty Brigands. They attacked the city directly, and were quickly repelled by Trinsicís citizens. Nothing more was thought of this seemingly random incident, until it came to light that Burke, an accomplished smith, had disappeared during the raid.

Burke had worked for several years in Trinsicís forges, crafting fine armor and weapons for the garrison. Recently, Burke had set up shop in the Honorable Arms, a weapons store in central Trinsic, near the famous Keg & Anchor tavern.

Burke was seen being dragged towards the Smugglerís Gate by three individuals, two male, and one female. The leader was identified as Bordas, who is believed responsible for the theft of two gold caravans, upon the road from Minoc to Britain. A single citizen attempted to stop the kidnappers, but was run off quickly.

Bayta, the proprietress of the Adventurerís Clothing (a tailorís shop in southern Trinsic) witnessed the group moving past her shop, and was able to recall Bordasí description. Bordas is male, and appears to be in his late forties, or early fifties. He is overweight, and has a receding hairline. Bordas wears a close-trimmed beard. He is also described as being slightly tanned, and has dark hair. During the raid, he was seen to be wearing a white tunic over ringmail, and wielding an executionerís-style axe.

Burke is in his early thirties, and has long, dusty brown hair. He wears a closely cut beard, and is heavily built. When last seen, he was wearing brown leggings, a brown apron, and leather gloves.

If Bordas or Burke is seen, please report the sighting to the proper authorities. Bordas is not known to travel without a bodyguard of several men, so citizens should not attempt to apprehend him alone.

As of yet, no ransom demand has been received.

An investigation into possible corruption amongst the garrison of the city is also now underway, as the guards did not respond to either the initial brigand raid, or the kidnapping.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, March 9th 2000