Brief Respite for Trinsic

Theobald Waldemir

UP: Great Lakes


 Recently, Trinsic has seen two relief caravans bound from Britain.

As the first left Britain, there was little warning of what was to come. Though Ratman and Lizardman bandits were thick upon the road, a major attack upon the caravan was not made until the three horses, and their dozens of escorts arrived at the narrow bridge, south of the Capitol. Once the advance elements of the caravan were nearly across, many gazers swept down upon the guardians of Trinsic’s hope. Though the fighting was thick, even so many creatures had little chance against Britannia’s finest. Indeed, there was nearly no danger until Trinsic was almost achieved. Many of the advance guard had reached Trinsic when Juo’nar played his hand. As the first horse in the column passed, there was a terrifying cackle, as the fallen paladin himself appeared! Behind him swarmed skeletal knights, bone magi, and liches. The dead swarmed from the ground, and fell upon the stalwart defenders. Juo’nar, however, slipped amongst the chaos, and struck down the pack horse, incinerating it, and most of it’s cargo. Word was sent back along the line to halt, but too late, as the second pack horse and it’s guards were soon at the sight of the battle. Alas, the second steed fell quickly, as well. Such, it came to be that Trinsic’s last hope was in a final pack horse. The man at the reigns, coming upon the carnage, fled into the woods, hoping to avoid Juo’nar, and safely bring his horse into Trinsic itself. However, it was not to be. Bone knights were spread throughout the woods, and after a short battle, the horse was butchered by the cruel blades of the undead warriors.

Little could be salvaged from the remains of the caravan. Reacting quickly, a second caravan was quickly organized by the town council and it’s allies, bound to depart Britain several days later.

A column of horses once more slowly moved south, towards Trinsic. However, this was merely a deception, as the true hope of Trinsic lay onboard a pair ships to the east. Simultaneously, the ruse and vessels departed. Quickly there were ill-omens. Only minutes out of port, the lead relief vessel was attacked by zombies and skeletons, hauling themselves out of the water, and attacking the crew. Such feeble attacks were easily repulsed. However, once more upon the doorstep of Trinsic, disaster struck. As the vessel neared port, a huge galleon arose from the fog, and the depths, and crashed into the side of the supply ship. The crew reacted quickly, but the ship was well and truly fouled. A spirit aboard the ship called out, demanding the surrender of the vessel. Bravely, the captain of the ship shouted his defiance. Undead swept from the galleon to the trader, and the battle was joined. Things seemed to slowly turn in favor of the living, but it was not to be, as a second rotting and ruined warship closed, ramming the cargo ship. Surrounded, and under constant assault from all sides, the crew nonetheless fought on, against all odds. At last, only two warriors remained on their feet. Ichor, blood, and bone mingled upon the smashed deck. Seeing no hope, the two survivors lay down their weapons, and lowered the gangplank for the ghostly captain of the first haunted ship to board. The supplies were stolen from the hold, and cast into the sea. No sooner had this been done, when two warships arrived upon the scene. They boarded the second ghost ship, and struck down the captain and crew. Cursing, the first captain retreated to his own vessel, came about, and fled into the gathering fog. It was this small victory that allowed the second, heavily laden ship to slip past the undead blockade, and arrive safely in Trinsic.

A small victory in the war against Juo’nar, but a significant one. With the supplies from the ship, Trinsic survives yet another day.

Lord Theo, of the Trinsic Town Council had this to say, regarding the current state of Trinsic: “Many think we are doomed, but every warrior in this city will tell you we will keep virtue in our hearts and draw strength from that virtue”

To the warriors who aided Trinsic so valiantly, he had this to say: “I owe so much to those who gave their lives to protect the caravan and the city. Their sacrifice will be remembered. Our city will honor them all with proper ceremony when this chaos is over… And to those warriors out there who are here day in and day out to protect these walls, I owe them many thanks and I am ready, and proud to protect this city along side of them. If we lose our lives… we know it is for a greater cause. And our sacrifice will not be forgotten”

Heartening words, for such a dark time.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Thursday, March 9th 2000