Glacian Politics Bring Strife to Our Lands

Garth Ranzz

UP: Sonoma


Any of you who know ibn al'Asifa, may have also heard of his cousin and rival Cerin al'Eceri. Ibn is the Glacian ambassador responsible for the weekly horses races that were held outside Britain every Tuesday for the past several months. These races were intended to help find the swiftest in the lands so that they may help in a prophecy to free ibn's wife Yasmine. Yasmine suffers under a curse which left her frozen in ice. The swiftest were found, and have been crucial in working towards a solution to the puzzle that keeps Yasmine frozen in time and body. But this cause does not seem to go without controversy. Cerin al'Eceri has been seen in a variety of places throughout the lands showing active resistance to Yasmine's freedom. Reports of Fire Elementals in the Swamps south of Trinsic, as well as random attacks on the men and women who have allied with ibn's cause have been reported.

"He is a strong and dangerous man," stated Ilien en'Asifa, ibn's mother and tribal shaman to the tribe al'Suq. "He may very well threaten not only Yasmine and my son...but all of the al'Suq and our tribal lands."

Cerin is reportedly responding to his former tribe with great anger due to the choice made by tribal council to continue support for ibn's cause. Cerin requested that ibn be stripped of al'Suq leadership. Individuals are warned to take heed and be wary when encountering this man as he is said to be mad and extremely dangerous.

Currently, ibn and the race winners are guarding the growth of several plants that are said to be key in finding a cure for Yasmine's condition. The location of these plants is being held secret for now, for security reasons.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Sunday, December 19th, 2000