Snow Leopard Inn Opens

Vryce Newland

UP: Baja

    The evening started out as planned. There was a large turnout and all were seated on the patio enjoying the free victuals and libations whilst playing a heated round of Britannia pursuit, a trivia styled game. One of the patrons, who had enjoyed a tad too much, started to cause a scene. As the staff was busy removing the raucous patron, the Brigands began their frontal assault of the Inn.

A band of twenty-plus Brigands from Skara Brae came at the Inn attempting to storm the front door. The staff outside, led by Jacob, the Innís Coordinator and Design Director, began sounding the alarm as they held fast their ground while the patrons began to ready their weapons as they streamed out to form a impenetrable defense line. The battle raged on for thirty minuets as wave upon wave of the attackers was repelled. The leader of the attack, a burley Brigand by the name of Robert, made it halfway up the steps into the Inn before being felled. The Fair Sabin searched through the curís belongings finding among other things a detailed map of their encampment in Skara Brae and what appeared to be a marking for a buried chest on Fire Island.

Thyndo Stormwynd, the other co-owner to the Inn, scoured the adjacent woods for any remaining Brigands before declaring the area once again safe for travel. Upon Thyndoís return a brief victory celebration ensued. During this celebration it was decided that retribution was in order. A war party was formed from the heartiest of the guests assembled and all set off to teach any remaining Brigands that they are not to bother those that gather at the Snow Leopard Inn.

Nestled high upon the cliffs of the Northern Ocean, the Snow Leopard Inn can be easily found by taking the north road that runs east to west between Vesper and Minoc. When one comes to a clearing nearest Vesper head to the north until you reach the cliffs and the Snow Leopard Inn will be directly in front of you. The Snow Leopard Inn is owned and operated by Thyndo Stormwynd and Caoilte. Their cordial staff includes, Jacob- The innís coordinator and design director, Lakota- cook and scullery maid, Keltset- another cook and the resident entertainer, and Rune Jairusion- the handyman. The inn boasts many friends, Ravena being one of the more notables for his talents at quelling any and all undesired activities in and around the property. The inn is quaintly decorated; it has a large patio for those that like to sit comfortably outside while sharing tales over a pint or two.

If you would like more information on the Snow Leopard you may go to Their site has all the details on the staff, the establishment, and contact information needed.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, March 9th 2000