The VanLander Foundaton Funds Youth Projects

Artelli Decanzo

UP: Sonoma


In a press conference held yesterday, Alexander VanLander made a moving speech stating that his new foundation would begin funding the building of public libraries and schools for the youth of Minoc, as well as of Britain. "Our hope for the future lies within the revitalization of youth interest, VanLander responded when asked why he was funding the new project.

The move comes as no surprise, say insiders. In recent months, VanLander has lost increasing amounts of land, and his status as a vassal has begun to waver. Analysts say that with this new upsurge, VanLander may well put himself securely in a position to establish far-reaching services in such towns as Cove or Magincia. Only time will tell.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2000