Troll Leader Slain!

Raphael Boyle

UP: Great Lakes

    For some time now, Vesper has been under attack by Trolls. They tend to storm the bridges near the Mint of Vesper, slaying all they can, before retreating back into the woods. Several days ago, there was a marked increase in the attacks on Vesper. Leading the raids was a golden-skinned, massive troll, who was identified as “G’Ruagak.” G’Ruagak is believed to be related to G’Thunk and G’Splat, both trolls involved during the Followers of Armageddon crisis some time ago.

G’Ruagak was revered amongst his kind as one of the greatest Troll warriors of our time, possibly even eclipsing his father and uncle. Since his death, coordinated attacks on Vesper have ceased. The once united Troll warbands have taken to fighting amongst themselves, as the most powerful leaders vie to succeed G’Ruagak. Travelers are warned to be weary, and avoid these battles as possible.

In related news, the Vesper Museum will be unveiling its new exhibit “Villains of Britannia”. The collection consists of several items relating to the current crisis (Rumors have it that the body of G’Ruagak will be on display). Food and drink are free at the unveiling, this Wednesday, April 11, at 7 pm CST. Come well dressed!

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, April 12th 2000