Attacks Resume as New Troll Leader Emerges

Raphael Boyle

UP: Great Lakes

    During the festivities for the unveiling of the “Villains of Britannia” exhibit at the Vesper Museum, several Trolls appeared and demanded the remains of G’Ruagak. Though they were originally turned away by Milton, the museum curator, a traveling Druidess, Eliana, stepped in and stated that the Trolls, should they have any legitimate claim to G’Ruagak’s corpse, be allowed to take it from Vesper. This was not agreed upon however, as each had it the Trolls restate own claim to the corpse as restated below:

Inl’Dzzur- A huge Frost Troll from the far north laid claim to G’Ruagak’s remains by simple troll tradition: might makes right. As the largest of the trolls there, he demanded the corpse for his own.

G’Berag- A small, crafty looking, golden-skinned Troll; G’Berag’s claim was that he was a blood-relative of G’Ruagak and therefore, as a family member, was responsible for the corpse.

C’Tak- A bestial, red-skinned Troll claimed to be G’Ruagak’s second in command, and as G’Ruagak was dead, assumed G’Ruagak’s position as leader of the Troll clans.

D’Ungh- A dark-skinned troll, tattooed about the face, shoulders, and upper chest, D’Ungh claimed that he was a Troll shaman and demonstrated impressive magical prowess. As spiritual leader of the clans, D’Ungh claimed that the bodies of dead trolls were his by right of his position.

Milton, the museum curator, protested this, and claimed the corpse for his own, on the grounds that nobody really owned it, and for the good of Britannia it should be kept at the museum.

Upon considering these claims, Eliana stated that, as Justice is a reflection of the society that creates it, the fate of G’Ruagak’s body should be put in the hands of that society - those who were present at the museum. After much scuffling, votes were cast by a count of heads and it was found that G’Berag’s claim of blood relation was the strongest.

However, as G’Berag removed G’Ruagak’s corpse from the display case, the much larger C’Tak became enraged and attacked the golden Troll. A small battle ensued and G’Berag was forced to relinquish the remains to C’Tak, who then fled. Though he was pursued, the crimson Troll made good his escape.

Since that night, C’Tak appears to have taken control of most of the scattered war bands and has re-united them as G’Ruagak did. Attacks on Vesper and Minoc have increased in Scale and ferocity under this new leader. It is suspected that C’Tak used the renown he received amongst the Trolls for returning G’Ruagak’s body as leverage to rise above his three rivals.

This reporter only hopes that Vesper does not become another Trinsic in the wake of this struggle.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, April 19th 2000