Golden Dread Spider Slain

Thoerid Tempor

UP: Sonoma

    The first ever ranger’s hunt sponsored by The Journey’s End Tavern in Moonglow ended in a reward of gold and a grand tale to be told! Gerald Montil, the wealthy old ranger who donates the prize of 10,000 gold for the hunt seemed more than pleased at the results of the night’s sport.

After a small trek into the wet lands of the Trinsic Swamps, Mithrandir of Sinn Fein, member of the AOL guild, came out with the "heart of the golden dread spider" in hand.

"I wandered aimlessly after transporting my comrades to the swamps, then I noticed a large gathering of filthy spiders, foaming at the mouth…" reported Mithrandir.

The Golden Dread Spider was found in his newly formed lair, surrounded by giant spiders and filth. Warriors of great skill took aim and killed the nest and its inhabitants. A task done by the hands of many.

Congratulations to Mithrandir, and all the brave hunters who took place in this historic hunt!

Eleana Coriel announced that the hunts will take place yet again on June 8th at 9:00pm pst. Come one, come all for a night of good sport!

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, May 26th 2000