Emerald Enchantress Attacks Monks

Stav Korwell

UP: Sonoma

    It was a peaceful day at Yew Abbey, with not a breath of wind. Brother Ambrose and a small band of monks prayed and meditated in the Ankh chapel in Yew Abbey, preparing for their pilgrimage to the Shrine of Justice. Suddenly the door of the chapel was flung open and a group of adventurers entered. “Brother Ambrose, beware!” they warned. “We just found out that Vilendra, the Emerald Enchantress, plans to ambush your whole party of monks.”

“We cannot delay our pilgrimage to the Shrine,” replied Brother Ambrose calmly. “Why doth this Emerald Enchantress wish to slay peaceful monks who have harmed her not?”

“She found an ancient book called Tome of the Blood Candles. It seems she needs Blood Candles for one of her arcane rites, and one of the secret ingredients in making a Blood Candle is the blood of a monk who is pure in the virtues.”

The monks looked startled, and whispered together. Brother Ambrose stepped forward, a look of firm resolve on his weathered face. “The brothers are all agreed. We go on our pilgrimage. When one’s time has come to leave this world, naught can stop the hand of Death. We serve the Virtues regardless of the risk to ourselves. We shall complete our pilgrimage to the Shrine.”

“Will you permit us to escort you?” asked the adventurers.

“Aye, gladly,” replied the monk. “Thy company and protection is more than welcome on our journey.”

The monks gathered their packs and walking staves, and set off on their journey. Thomas, the youngest monk, followed respectfully behind his older brothers. The adventurers stayed close by the monks as they walked past the Yew moongate and continued northeast.

Suddenly a huge group of vicious elementals attacked, accompanied by hellhounds. The adventurers fought the monsters as best they could, but alas, Brother Thomas was slain.

The air shimmered and the Emerald Enchantress appeared. She had green hair and very pale skin and was clad in woman’s plate armor and high black boots.

The sorceress had an unearthly beauty, and she walked with the lithe grace of a panther. Vilendra smiled lazily as she watched her minions attack the monks and adventurers, then she casually strolled over to the fallen body of Brother Thomas and began to gather up some of his blood in a black vial. She put the stopper in the vial and tucked it into her pack with a satisfied look on her face. The power of the Enchantress was incredible. She cast spell after spell and yet it seemed that she was barely touched by the weapons or spells of the adventurers. After a few minutes of battle, the Enchantress raised her arms and cast a recall spell, and she and her minions departed.

The shaken monks returned to the Abbey, to pray for the soul of Brother Thomas and prepare for his funeral. Thomas was a promising young monk, pure in the virtues, and he will be greatly missed by his brother monks at Yew Abbey.

Gypsy Doria Romanov continues to seek the lair of the Emerald Enchantress.

- -Stav Korwell

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, May 31st 2000