Buccaneer’s Den Plagued by Strange Fires

Grayson Drake

UP: Lake Superior


 They say you need nerves of steal to survive day-to-day life in Buccaneer’s Den. The town is haven to the worst sorts of Sosaria. Murderer’s and thieves find solace in their borders. After putting these thoughts to paper I can understand why some of our more noble citizens might say good riddance to the forthcoming report. Other’s may wish to take note of following event incase it should spread to more law abiding shores.

I landed on the shores of Buc’s Den shortly after receiving a tip about a smuggling operation supplying Lady Minax’s army. I had made little headway on the story and in defeat was ready to return to my safe home in Britain when the north sky lit up. Screams of “Fire” went through the town. Many of the unfriendly citizens banded together and fought the sheer walls of flame. Then suddenly, across town another fire sprung up and soon the third and final burned in the night sky. The town was in chaos, some fought the fires, others looted and a select few went on a manhunt to find the culprit.

By morning the town had spent the whole night fighting the terrible fires.

They thanked unseen forces for not letting the fires spread to their homes. However, the cause was far from their grasp. “It were arson alright, as sure as my name be... well I’s ain’t gonna tell you that,” said a “merchant.” Others claimed it was an act of unseen deities they called “GM’s. “In the end the question remained, if this was arson, then who was the Arsonist? Why Buccaneer’s Den? Why such specific locations? What did he or she want? Will the fires continue?

I can present no answers at this time and the Courts of Britannia refuse to comment on the matter. I ask that anyone who knows anything about these attack to please contact the proper authorities with your information.

Grayson Drake

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Wednesday, May 31st 2000