Cemetery Cleansed

Joseph, Apprentice Mage

UP: Great Lakes

    In the past weeks, Moonglow has been troubled by the presence of a powerful Liche, who had taken up residence in the Crypts of the cemetery south of the town-proper. Though the dead rest uneasily in the haunted place at the best of times, the presence of the ancient Wizard seemed to stir them into a frenzy. Many times of late, have adventurers and wizards from Moonglow been forced to put down undead who have been rising in great numbers within the Graveyard.

These troubles were finally put to an end recently when a small group of peasants raised a mob to take revenge on the Liche for the evil it had caused. The group gathered at the Counselorís Guild and moved south to find the ancient cemetery overflowing with Skeletons, Zombies, Wraiths, and even some undead knights and wizards. The battle was a long one, the brave Moonglow folk fighting to gain access to the gates of the fence that surrounded the graveyard. Once within, the attackers were met with wave upon wave of Zombies. From the rear of this festering horde, the Liche itself cast down rains of fire and lightning storms with no regard for his own minions.

At last the lesser creatures were pushed aside and the Liche was surrounded. Time and time again the undead Wizard would teleport himself away, only to reappear minutes later at the head of a fresh undead force. However, once the Liche was cornered within one of the Crypts, there was little it could do to escape.

Seeing itself trapped, the evil thing spent what surely must have been its final reserves of energy, summoning fields of poison and fire within the closed confines of the Crypt. Many brave warriors fell, but more were behind, selflessly hurling themselves into the flames to hew at the Liche with sword and axe.

At last the abomination fell with a strange spell upon its decayed lips. Victory, for the Isle of Verity!

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, June 9th 2000