Strangers Walk Among Us

The Lady Birmingham of Yew

UP: Sonoma

    Many have seen and spoken of the odd “Pale Ones” who have been witnessed in our towns, our villages, our places of knowledge and learning.

Some of these pale-skinned beings - particularly the one known as “Parnell” - have been friendly and non-threatening in manner. Others appear to be hostile and of ill-will, such as the Pale One seen during the destruction of the Mage Tower. However, it is important to state that we do not know the true intent of any of these beings at this moment. Opinions greatly vary on the subject. Resolved to get to the bottom of this issue, I hired several mercenary groups to try and obtain a blood sample from one of these Pale Ones. I am pleased to report that the forces of the 1st have succeeded in this endeavor. General Ibram Gaunt informs me his scout, Torak Soulflayer, was the one to accomplish this deed.

With a blood sample in hand, I began to analyze its content in my laboratory, and I came to a startling conclusion: these Pale Ones are not human! While they walk in a form indistinguishable from our own, except for the pale blue or greenish tint of their skins, my tests indicate that the nature of their blood is that of a reptile, not of humanity.

My tests on this matter are not done - nor, will they be, in fact, until I can get several more samples to act as a control, and reconfirm my analysis - but I feel confident in revealing this much to the populace at large:

We are being watched and observed by a non-human species.

To what end, I am sure I can not say—we have not enough evidence either way to make that determination—but they are passing among us, possibly with ill intent. At least five such individuals have been spotted and the possibility exists of far more.

Given their presence at the destruction of the Mage Tower, I would urge all citizens to proceed carefully when one is encountered. However, let the Virtues guide you and do not take hostile action if they do not initiate it themselves! At this stage, we are better served by information than warfare. If you encounter one of these beings, please exercise due caution. Until we know their motivation, it would be unwise, in my opinion, to allow them access to sensitive areas or information.

I offer the use of my home as a central spot to bring any information gathered on these creatures. My home is located one building east of the Courts in Yew. I also invite any sages, scholars, or fellow chemists to come and examine my work to date, so there are no questions about its validity.

On a related note, appearances by the Pale Ones have also occasionally been accompanied by those of (presumably) intelligent ravens. While no one has yet been able to understand the causal relationship between these two sets of appearances, my tests indicate that said ravens are, in fact, purely avian in blood and nature.

The ravens do not appear hostile, but have been seen to defend themselves when attacked—and they are strong, as well, able to drop a man in full plate in a matter of seconds. Again, caution should be employed when encountering these creatures.

Again, I beseech you to come forward with any information you may have on these matters. Vigilance and Virtue are our watchwords.


Lady Bree

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, June 13th 2000