Lost Souls in Britain Graveyard

Sir Lyle Joseph

UP: Baja

    I was wandering the land in search of the famed Chamber of Secrets when the Town Crier spoke ill fated news. The Britain Graveyard was under an undead siege! Mounting my steed and racing to the cemetery I found undead skeletons, ghosts, and liches rising from the earth beneath the gravestones and ravaging the countryside! Soon, however, warriors from all parts of the land came and wreaked havoc upon the evil villains and, with the help of the guards and a tame dragon, the undead were slain.

After congratulating my helpful colleagues I was thinking to myself, 'Another job well done, Britannia rests peacefully yet again,' and I was just going to turn about and resume my search when suddenly a tattered bundle fell out of one of the lich corpses. Upon closer inspection, the bundle proved to be a tattered old book - and from the looks of it the word 'old' does not do it justice. Written in blood-red ink was a note from the lost soul who was doomed to wander the land as a lich. Slightly puzzled (yet quite intrigued!) I searched the corpses of the other undead and found similar books. I was quite wrong in assuming this was merely another undead uprising to be put down. This was the manifestation of many tortured souls reaching out to us for help! When the warriors returned the reincarnated bodies to their rightful resting places they released the imprisoned souls of those great warriors who fell long before us! Ah, ‘twas truly a great day to see the happy souls flutter peacefully into the next life…

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, June 13th 2000