Assassin Attacks On The Rise

Lt. Marcus Phinan

UP: Atlantic

    The recent attacks by the mysterious red-cloaked assassins have escalated, and have the Royal Guard perplexed.

Reports have been coming in for some time now of superhuman warriors that appear out of the shadows, strike viciously, and disappear just as quickly. In the past few weeks, the frequency of these attacks has increased, and anonymous sources have said that their focus has narrowed.

"In the past, those troublemakers were just harassing local farmers" relayed one citizen of Skara Brae. "But now they're around asking questions about that dragon we've been hearing about, and about some gemstones. I wouldn't want to cross them."

Reports have also surfaced of a nobleman showing up at various towns across the land, escorted by the shadowy warriors. Although witnesses were able to provide accounts of what he looks like, his identity is still unknown.

His Majesty's Royal Guard requests that anyone with information regarding these assassins please step forward.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, June 13th 2000