Summer Session at the Lycaeum

Autumn Sarn

UP: Lake Superior


 Following the series on the Virtues, Lady Temesa has already offered Philosophy 2: Overview of Ethics to interested students. Although this class has already been concluded, she promises it will be followed by History 2: The Lost Lands. Currently two topics are scheduled, a talk on "Tribal Culture of the Lost Lands", and a talk on "Our Neighbors to the North". We here at BNN sincerely hope the reprise on the topic of the Gelidum and Glacia will not result in the same results as last year (ice chicken and all).

When asked about the new alternating schedule, Lady Temesa (resident professor of the Lycaeum on History and Philosophy) noted, "I like to offer a bit of a variety. This generally means alternating History and Philosophy. Both subjects are favorites of mine and I think the students tend to enjoy the switch as well. History classes also tend to provide the most opportunity for field trips and I am currently making arrangements for an interesting trip or two over the summer. Some people might be more interested in History, some Philosophy. We here at the Lycaeum want to be able to reach all of our students."

It is rumored discussions are underway to offer even more topics than History and Philosophy on a recurring basis, although when pressed for comment, Lady Temesa declined to get into specifics. "It is my hope eventually we shall have many things to offer those who wish to learn. ‘Tis part of the reason I brought on a teaching assistant," the professor shared, motioning to a young lass nearby filing papers.

The Lycaeum has also added a debate series to the roster- Philosophy 3: Modern Ethical Questions. Offered twice a month, these debates address many of the stirring ethical questions of the day. The next scheduled debate is on "Whose land is it, anyway? (The Trammel Question)"

Inspired by the recent spirited discussion around the High Council about Trammel and residents of our realm, many will remember the Lycaeum's spirited debate last fall on a similar topic. This topic proves to be a steady concern of our life and times. Later this month a followup debate on ‘Flight vs. Fight (The Felucca Question)’ will be held. According to a press release from the Lycaeum, future debate topics will include – ‘Archaeology vs Treasure Hunting’, ‘Public Service and Private Interest’, ‘Shrines: Stone and Spirit’ and many more to come! BNN will be certain to follow each of these debates closely. In her press release about these debates, Lady Temesa commented, “We are always interested in hearing suggestions about future debate topics. We recommend due to the crowded nature of debates that all steeds and pets be stabled nearby at the Mage Tower or other arrangements be made."

A wise idea for certain. Lady Temesa's classes and guest speakers continue to be a popular draw at the Lycaeum even after the devistation of our lands now referred to as Felucca.

Following the success of famed artist Anton Zorzi's chat, many people turned out in attendance for the guest speaker this week, Lady Gwen Tiraste. Chatting on the topic of cartography, this world-class adventurer led an exciting discussion about map making, adventuring and offered tips on the proper use of sextants. Students were then invited to share their favorite place and why. The class was followed by a semi-pub crawl/party at the Keg and Anchor to celebrate many things, among them Lady Temesa's birthday.

"Dinnae look like a pub crawl to me, 'less ye be countin' the crawlin' off to homes aft'r," commented Corbey the head waitress at the Keg the morning afterwards. Unfortunately there were no pictures available of this event for publication.

Looks like a fascinating summer of learning and adventure ahead for Lycaeum students both in and out of class!

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Wednesday, June 14th 2000