Strange Deaths Strike Britannia!

Finn the Scribe

UP: Great Lakes

    Citizens of Britannia are warned to be weary, as authorities believe there is a murderer amongst us. Several bodies of notable citizens have been found within cities. All seem to have died in a similar fashion. The bodies are usually bound, and always appear to have had their tongues cut out.

Sir Gilbert, Knight of Serpentís Hold
Sir Gilbert was found within the Serpentís Hold training grounds late at night. He was fully armed, and armored. However, his sword was still within his scabbard when a fellow knight discovered the corpse. Sir Gilbert follows his squire, Percival, who perished in a raid on Dungeon Deceit several weeks ago.

Gloria was found within her chambers at the Nujelím palace. She is believed to have been a favored niece of the Sultan.

Wilbur, Smith
Wilbur was found at his forge, in North Trinsic, by his apprentice. He is noted as a skilled smith. A private memorial will be held for his familly.

Jasper, Farmer
Jasper, a hand at a farm on the isle of Verity, died shortly after his farm was raided by pirates. Identification was made by his personal effects, as much of his face had been eaten away by ravens.

Gregor, Undertaker
Gregor, Undertaker at the Moonglow Cemetery, was found bound within one of the Crypts he had been cleaning.

Jacelyn, Druidess
Jacelyn was found dead, within one of the cells in the Britannia Prison, behind the Court of Truth, in Yew.

If you have any information about these crimes, or know of similar murders, please contact the appropriate authorities.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, June 18th 2000