Attack On The Orc Fort

Leanora, the town Cryer

UP: Drachenfels

    It was a night like many others, with a bright moon and many stars but the citizens of Cove did not have the time to appreciate the spectacle. There was fear in the eyes of the citizens of Cove. The town had been under attack all the day and even if the guards of Cove had been able to protect the town, many citizens had been wounded during the attacks.

All these attacks came from the same place: the orc fort south of Cove. The captain of the Guards of Cove was asking himself how many orcs were gathering in the fort and if the town of Cove could really survive another large-scale attack. So he decided to send a small detachment of Guards to scout the area near the Orc Fort. The Royal Guard Garagan was leading the detachment.

The group of warriors tried to get near the Orc Fort without making a sound, using only the moon as a light source. Garagan could not believe to his eyes: he had never seen so many orcs.

The guardsmen did not see the Orcs coming behind them - and the Orcs were equally surprised to see the group of Royal Guards so near the Fort. The Orcs did not hesitate, attacking immediately. From the Fort more Orcs came, attracted by the yelling of the others and by the sounds of combat. The Royal Guards fought to the last man still able to hold a sword. They died as heroes - all but one. Only Garagan was able to survive, to escape the trap even though he was badly wounded. He could not venture back to Cove because the Orcs had already blocked access to the town’s single entrance. Instead, he decided to travel to Britain in order to find some help among the Royal Garrison and other brave warriors found within the city’s limits.

Garagan managed to arrive in Britain, surprised to see how many brave warriors were ready to take arms and to risk their lives to save the town of Cove and its citizens.

Through the help of skilled mages, the Britain warriors lead by Garagan arrived near the Fort. It was a real surprise to see how many Orcs were protecting the Fort: it was a complete Army. A long fight ensued and many brave warriors lost their lives during the bloody battle - but they kept advancing and, in the end, were able to defeat the evil Orc Army.

What more can be said about the heroic citizens of Britain, who did not hesitate to take a great risk to save the citizens of Cove?

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, June 20th 2000