The Daemon Revealed

Talbot Quillfeather

UP: Catskills


 Ranchers at a small farm nestled in the valley west of Britain reported to me this afternoon a somewhat disturbing tale. It would seem that a band of brigands gathered together enough courage and numbers to attack several of the farms alongside the southern road to Britain.

Herschel, as one of the fellows introduced himself, related the following to me. “We wuz out der shovelin that there cow flop when we heard a bunch of fellers yellin’, me and Ezekial was plenty scairt when they ran into the cow pen and started chasing Good Man Hamsfords cows all about tryin, I reckon, to herd em out. Well our mammas didn’t raise no stupid folk, so me and Zeke jumped the fence and ran fer the farmhouse.” Ezekial continues the tale, “Well we waz all hunkered down in the house takin turns peekin through the window at them fellers who was chasing and messin with our cows, when all of a sudden a buncha other fellers showed up and started putting a world of hurt on them. Boy howdy, they sure gave them there cattle rustlers a whipping.”

Troubling news indeed, if brigands are bold enough to begin raiding the farmlands close to the largest city in our realm, how long before they gather enough courage to expand their forays into our Lord’s crown seat?

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online,
Tuesday, June 20th 2000