Stormguard Revisited

Ferran Azelle

UP: Catskills

    As I have reported in the past, the relics of Stormguard have caused great turmoil for the people of Northwood. After lengthy searches spanning the land of Britannia the people of Northwood had nearly all of the ancient relics in their grasp and prepared to utilize them against Lord Ventryn. However, depressing news reached my ears this day..

The relics of Stormguard have been lost to Lord Ventryn, the vile fiend who intends to utilize the power of the relics for his own dark and evil intentions. After orchestrating an elaborate deception and acting as the spirit of Lord Pythos, Ventryn captured the Helm of Thunder, thus completing the chain of relics. Once Ventryn utilized the initial power of the Stormguard relics the true manifestation of Lord Pythos' spirit could materialize. Reportedly the spirit informed the people of Northwood and their allies of the coming dangers that would emerge from Ventryn's newly acquired power. With both Thain Fallshornand Xenthyl the Phantom captured by Ventryn, Northwood and their allies must act alone in their battle against Ventryn. Lord Pythos warned that the results ofVentryn's power would soon become evident, but no one suspected it would occur so soon..

The following day Ventryn's onslaught of attacks began. Stark's Keep, the acting haven for the people of Northwood and their allies, was the obvious target. Informants have reported that the intensity of the undead attacks have increased dramatically and steadily throughout the day, each wave of undead more significant than the last. Rumors persist of rarely seen undead beings, such as lich fiends that seem to be the most powerful undead minions of Ventryn's army.

As the undead armies began to increase in size so did the frequency of their attacks. Various informants have reported that there are only brief pauses before more minions arrive to terrorize Northwood and their allies. People from all over Britannia rush to defend Stark's Keep from the dangers brought forth byVentryn's attacks. However, as Ventryn's power gradually increases as a resultof the relics, it is suspected that his army will grow as well. How much longer can these battles continue?

Apparently the defenders of Stark's Keep can only wait until Ventryn makes himself vulnerable to a direct attack against him, which unfortunately is unlikely. With the power of the Stormguard relics at Ventryn's whim, direct attacks against him are nearly impossible.

I hope that my next report will chronicle Ventryn's defeat and not the defeat of those who oppose him...

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, July 12th 2000