Klaku'Au Protectors-Friend or Foe

Dandria Straili

UP: Lake Superior

    The mystery of the tribe known as the Klaku'Aubegan to unfold this week at Lady Gwen Tiraste's summer party. What started as asimple gathering became spicier than the ribs cooked with Seth Samien's famousbarbeque sauce when Darish Grignard quietly slipped into Gwen's estate inMagincia [Ed. Note: Details of Chef Cleatus' untimely death from food poisoningcan be found in the obituary section].

Darish clutched his cactus staff tightly as he pulled party goers aside to tellthem of a meeting with a member of his secretive group. This shocked the partyattendees, for Darish and his group had not been seen for several weeks and hadnever before willingly spoken to those outside their secretive band ofalchemists and scribes.

Representatives from The Society of Paladins, Knights of the Alliance, MageTower, High Council, Sisterhood of the Ivory Maiden, Lords of Valor, Order ofthe Silver Serpent, Flames of Sosaria, Arcane Order and others came to The PapuaReagent Shoppe to meet with Lady Salric Tanuum on Saturday.

Salric apologized for the previous actions of her people and tried to assure thegroup that her work was not in harming others but to protect long-held secretsof the tribe. Her words spoke of a great danger to herself and the gatheredcitizens who had uncovered the fateful book and brought the Klaku'Au tribe tolight.

"That book was never meant to be seen by the public. You are in gravedanger and it is our fault for allowing it to fall into your hands."

Lady Tanuum went on to explain about unrest within the spirits of the Klaku'Au,but something was keeping her from speaking forthright about what had occurred.She requested the group bring her items, as a token of faith, to be used in afuture ceremony. Rather than calling the items by name, she spoke in riddles,leaving the people to determine what she needed.

"A grain of sand is without merit unless enriched with nature's potion.Infused with nutrients it can feed the world."
"From the skies it pours. A rare life-force within the desert."
"In the night even the desert grows cold. Two times thrice bringswarmth."
"Death is the end to none though the host remains gone for eternity"
"Its many uses lead some to worship it, others to hoard it, and some tokill for it."
"One of each, a combination for sixty-four."
"From a tree it can fell another."
"Food, clothing, and weapons, nature can provide."
"Summoned from the skies, a scribe provides."

She agreed to meet the next night and scurried off, leaving the group bewilderedand leery of her sentiment. To make matters worse Simon Intror was spied in theback of the shop, listening to the entire meeting. He tried to dissuade thepeople from helping Salric, suggesting she might only be leading them into theevil workings of an untrustworthy clan.

"She admitted to lying before." Simon explained, "What makes youthink she is not lying now?"

They listened to Simon's words but decided to bring Salric the things sherequested. As a symbol of faith, she gave them a rune to the area the Klaku'Auonce thrived. Once again Salric warned them of impending doom before asking formore assistance.

"There is something else I require of you. Bring a great force for you willneed all the warriors you can find."

After agreeing to meet this Sunday, July 23rd at 8pm Central Moonglow Time atthe Reagent Shoppe in Papua, she quickly left; insisting her group would do whatthey can to reduce the danger that awaits them.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, July 18th 2000