Attacks on Yew Overshadowed by Britannian Games

Cheyne Aybara

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    While there has been much controversy to hit Yewlately, it seems that for once, the controversy was overshadowed. During thefirst event of Thursday's games, a mystical lady summoned minions of fire toattack the home of Calum Carter, organizer of the Britannian Games. During thebear wrestling competition, fire elementals and hell hounds appeared around hishome in Yew and began attacking bystanders as well as the athletes. JohnCainbridge and other competitors took to their weapons and dealt with themultitudes of attacks as quickly as they came, allowing the games to bepostponed only by mere minutes.

The games did run long due to the attacks, but they were not the focus of thedays talks. The three events, bear wrestling, summoning competition, and asailing regatta that were scheduled for Thursday were very competitive. Thewinners of the bear wrestling competition were Peyote Pete, followed closely byBasso Cravie and NightshadeII. The victorious mages in the summoning competitionwere NightshadeII, followed by raistlen and Mark O'. It was the last event whichhad people talking in the streets this morning.

The Lady Gwen Tiraste had organized a sailing race of mass proportions for thegames. Eight boats entered the event and only five boats finished the voyage tothe three checkpoints before sailing back home to Yew. While NightshadeII tookhome his third medal for the day, a second place boating race title, Randal'Thor took home the third place title. But it was Tremaine, citizen ofTel'Ruid, took home the first place title and which all the murmurings thismorning centered around.

Not only did Tremaine make it to all three checkpoints faster than any othersailor, but he finished the race at least ten minutes ahead of the next closestsailor. He was awarded a number of prizes, one of which was a brand new ship,which was one of the largest prizes awarded that night. It was the undisclosedprize that people talked about however. While passing the prizes to thecontestants, Grizzly had not noticed that the Lady Gwen's family heirloom, agolden kryss with an inlaid ivory handle, was among the prizes in the treasurecrate. Tremaine sorted through his prizes to find this item and he was ecstaticat the value of his newfound treasure. "A golden kryss!" he exclaimedwith much enthusiasm.

It took a few minutes for the Lady Gwen to calm down Tremaine long enough toexplain her and Grizzly's mistake before she was able to award him with a rewardfor the return of her family heirloom. Truly Tremaine was not only a greatsailor, but he is quite the gentleman as well, it was his honesty that were allthe talks of the town the morning following day three of the Britannian Games.Truly a credit to the Tel'Ruid citizenry, the Lady Gwen was very happy thatTremaine found her missing heirloom.

With Thursday's games, the events totals and as a result the leads have changedplace. Vesper took home one first place title, as well as two second place, andtwo third place medals, pushing them into a tie for the lead. The first placeleaders are up by one second place award over Team Britain (Trammel). The firstplace leaders are up by one second place award and one third place award overTeam Tel'Ruid (Trammel).

Saturday's games will be the last opportunity for points and the Scavenger Huntwill be a free-for-all points game where the points acquired will be directlyadded to your total scores. So the team that competes best in the games on thisSaturday can turn the whole lead around! It has been an exciting week, theevents this Saturday will be a great conclusion to them! We hope to see youthere!

Current Standings:

First - Moonglow (Trammel) and Vesper (Felucca)
Second - Britain (Trammel)
Third - Tel'Ruid (Felucca)

All events will take place near the Winery, unless otherwise announced.

4:00 PM CST
Tailoring contest
Compete with other tailors across the land and find out who is champion!

5:00 PM CST
Drinking contest
Come one, come all to the silliest contest we could imagine. We'll bring thewine and the party hats, you bring the endurance!

6:00 PM CST
Scavenger hunt
All that glitters is not gold but you may find another few things to catch youreye. Collect your items and redeem them for points during this event.

8:00 PM CST
Bard contest
Bring out your best stories and songs. Original works only, please.

10:00 PM CST
Closing ceremonies
Awards will be given to the three top teams and a large celebration will be hadby all to close the Britannian Games.

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From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, July 23rd 2000