Dark Plans

Prellis the scribe

UP: Atlantic

     Nostur’yl manifested before the Tower of Infernal Necromancy and walked confidently tostand before the large metal doors. He wore no illusions about his form as heawaited access from those who resided inside. A door to the tower opened and hestrode confidently into the dark hall of the lower level.

Once inside the tower, he masked himself in the illusion of the human mage andgreeted the man who had admitted him before taking a seat at a nearby table.Smogg Azalin returned the greeting and sat opposite the false mage. For a shortwhile the two spoke quietly of recent events surrounding the Mayor of Rivendell,Aleph Aeirs, as well as the remaining gemstones and their bearers. During thecourse of the conversation Chaszmyr joined them, which turned the discussion tospecifics on the amethyst as well as other topics of interest.

“Now, as to the amethyst. Unless those who hold it can be persuaded to deliverit to mine self,” Nostur’yl spoke, “I shall be unable to recover it. Itseems they have inadvertently used the same metals to bind it, as had the tinkerbefore them with the emerald. If only another means to mine freedom could befound.”

The daemon sat quietly for a moment until Chaszmyr asked, “Is there apossibility of other means?”

He thought for a short while before replying. “It is a possibility, but whileI am trapped within the Abyss I can not research such. I am most open tosuggestions.”

“There must be hidden knowledge on this subject,” Smogg suggested, “Wehave several books in our secret library and access to even more. We canresearch into this.”

The conversation continued on the subject of means to recover the amethyst andother methods for the daemon to be freed from its bonds, and then shifted asSmogg related news to Nostur’yl. “Several obsidian posts have been found. Doyou know of their meaning or use?”

The posts were described in detail to the daemon as he sat listening intently toevery word, a smile growing across his human-looking face. Nostur’yl leanedback in his chair, thinking on the existence of the posts after so many years.His reverie was broken when the two sitting at the table asked about theirnature.

“Possessions of mine from many years ago, carved from the volcanoes andtreated with strong magic. They were to be used for a ceremony and so they shallbe used once again. There are eight such posts. Used properly and laid outcorrectly they can open a gate to mine home.”

“They seem to be bound to where they lie. How can they be released?”Chaszmyr asked of the daemon.

“I do not believe them to be bound,” Nostur’yl explained, “although Imay be wrong. However, when the posts were crafted, more obsidian was forgedinto the posts then each appears to contain. They are each far heavier than anybut the strongest of creatures could carry. A Wyrm, an Ogre Lord or perhaps afew others might be able to carry one. I, mine self, was only able to carry oneon mine person at a time, thus the reason the ritual was delayed long enough forthe Oracle to intervene and bind mine spirit into the form of gems.”

“Once released, they shall need to be collected and brought to the temple,”he continued. “From there I shall perform the ritual and release mine brethrenupon this land. For far too long British and his virtues have ruled this land.It is time for a change in power.”

The talk of a change in power brought a name into the mind of Smogg Azalin.“Do you know of Minax?” he asked.

“I have heard the name,” the daemon replied. “It was partially due to herthat I was first able to manifest mine person here once again in this realm.”

“I understand it was due to her that the world was split into two?” heasked, seeing the questioning look on their faces, then continued withoutwaiting for a response, “Had the world not been split as such I would haveremained trapped forever in the Abyss. However, once that occurred, the holdover mine binds was weakened.”

The group spoke for a short while longer, recapping the subjects alreadydiscussed. Nostur’yl then said his farewells for the time being and left thesmall group to begin implementing many dark plans.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, August 1st 2000