Strange Happenings in the Britain Swamp

Zarkhon Xenok

UP: Pacific

    There seemed to be great urgency in the voicesof the town criers as they made the announcement about a strange creature beingspotted in the Britain Swamp. It appears that the call went out in almost everytown.

It was quite a sight to behold, this creature, which resembled a waterelemental in some respects, but whose substance was made up of an odd,green-tainted liquid. Its appearance was the only way in which it was similar toa water elemental, however. The creature cast spells by the dozens, flinging itspowerful sorcery at the assembled masses as they beat at it with their weaponstime and time again.

Adventurers came out in large groups to battle the creature and its minions. Itseemed to be able to summon up groups of Elementals to assist it. The denizensof the swamp also greatly hindered the progress of the heroes as they fought thecreature. T’was fortunate that some of the heroes had brought a few Dragons toaid them. It was a hard fought battle and several heroes were slain, but in theyend they triumphed. Gold spewed forth from the body of the creature as itvanished into a fine mist.

Many were commenting as to whether this was one of many such creatures, or ifthis was some unique being. I did a little research and found that this creaturehas been spotted before, but this one was much more powerful than any other thathad previously been confronted. Let us hope that the heroes of the land rise upagain to defeat them if more of these creatures show their horrific “faces”

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, August 2nd 2000