Travellers Ambushed Near Skara Brae

Trevor Benden

UP: Pacific

    A strange event transpired on the road to SkaraBrae from Britain this day. Travelers noticed that there seemed to be unusualfood stocks sitting on the side of the road, free for the pickings. Strangely,these foodstuffs seemed to keep the normal forest fauna from their daily routinein the area. Some of the gathered folk noticed, after taking the food, that itwas attached to fine spider silks that broke upon the slightest pull. Meremoments after the first of the curious travelers tugged at one of the bits offood, caught up in its mysterious trappings, a flood of monsters poured upon thetiny group of men.

The high concentration of Lizard men indicates that they may be a new forcetrying to garner strength in the region, laying traps and ambushes in the areathey seek to claim. Anyone living or working in the outskirts of Skara Braewould do well to watch and report any further findings of such events.

So far the road has proven quiet, and there has been no definite determinationof a structured army or concentrated effort by the Lizardmen. More reports willbe needed in order to confirm these dark predictions, but we urge caution uponanyone traveling within the area.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, August 4th 2000