Blessed Rest

Arianna Daelin

UP: Chesapeake

    A native resident of Yew by the name of Aislyn went to visit the grave of her late husband Jacob in the Yew cemetery. Upon arriving, she was promptly attacked by a horde of angry, restless spirits of origins unknown. Running for her life, she fled to Empath Abbey where she shared news of this menace with adventurers.

Fearless adventurers from all over Yew made the trip afoot to the nearby cemetery to see what they could do to relieve Yew of this newfound danger.

After a prolonged battle with the agitated spirits, one disengaged and spoke to them, urging them to find a group of grave robbers that had disturbed their rest.

The restless spirit seemed to hold no concern for the valuables stolen from the graves, but told the adventurers in a mournful voice that the spirits would not rest until the remains of Richard Cornell were returned.

Traveling a short distance south along the road, the adventurers soon came upon a small band of brigands who immediately turned to attack them. The adventurers fought valiantly and soon those wretched thieves who had not fled them lay about the road, no longer a danger to anyone. The adventurers then found a chest among the debris of the battle, holding what appeared to be the loot the thieves had taken from the graves. Among the gold, jewelry, and other various treasures lay the grisly remains and a small book written in a lady's hand and signed Jasmine Cornell.

My dearest Richard,

I send this as my last farewell to the one man I have loved my whole life through.
On thy rest I have placed a blessing.
Thy long rest shall be peaceful, my love, or a curse befall any who disturb it.


The adventurers swiftly returned to the cemetery to hand the remains to the restless spirit who had spoken to them. The spirit appeared immediately calmed, carrying the remains and the book into the crypt. Letting out what sounded like a long sigh, it withdrew from sight along with the rest of the lingering spirits in the cemetery.

May their rest never again be disturbed.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, August 6th 2000