The Last of the Obsidian Posts

Prellis the scribe

UP: Atlantic

    For more days than many cared to remember, they had stood guard over each of the posts of obsidian. Day and night defenders had gathered at the post locations, each dedicated to defend the realm from the threat of Nostur’yl, the threat of his plans for these posts. And day and night their dedication was tested.

The attacks came in many forms, whether loyal minion of Nostur’yl or the daemon himself, each attack seemed to grow in severity. Red-cloaked assassins appeared from the shadows to strike fast at the defenders and flee. Assassins believed previously to be allied with Nostur’yl, until a battle between the two was witnessed. Whether sent to help or hinder Nostur’yl in claiming the posts, the attacks from the assassins still hurt the defenses of those gathered.

With each attack, doubt began to creep into the defender’s minds as several locations fell with Nostur’yl claiming a total of six posts throughout. Two final posts remained protected, one housed within the town of Minoc, the second within Serpent’s Hold. The desperation caused by the loss of six of the obsidian posts brought the need for a solution, a solution that had been voiced by many throughout the campaign. The Wyrm Liane.

Perhaps it was the chill in the voices of the humans she had come to know that struck the urgency of the matter, perhaps it was Liane’s need for revenge on the daemon for the trickery at the trial; either way the ancient wyrm agreed to consider the plan which was brought to her. More days passed, with the ancient wyrm appearing occasionally at Serpent’s Hold to gauge the merit of the plan, all the while the attacks continued.

The final attack from Nostur’yl upon the Minoc location came almost as if it was expected, the defenders standing ready before he even appeared. Battle raged from that instant on, with the daemon seemingly retreating into the woods, drawing defenders out from their formation only to be cut down away from their healing mages. It seemed almost as if the daemon was unstoppable, and then Liane appeared. Faced with an enemy of near equal match and outnumbered by the guardians of the obsidian post, Nostur’yl fled.

Wasting no time and not wishing to grant Nostur’yl the opportunity to summon aid, the ancient wyrm approached the tent which had stood as home to the obsidian post for so long. The tent was cleared after some discussion of what was to occur, with Liane remaining inside alone. Warriors peered over one another’s shoulders to witness Liane take possession of the post.

Unable to fly while burdened with the weight of the post, the ancient wyrm called for boats to transport her out to sea. The ships were brought, and Liane as well as many of the defenders boarded each, then set sail. Far out on the ocean they traveled before a halt was called. Using her great strength, the post was tossed into the water and sank quickly to the bottom, out of reach for the daemon born of fire.

Having returned to Minoc while the ancient wyrm was disposing of the post, Nostur’yl learned of its capture. The remaining defenders were attacked in a fit of rage by the daemon as he attempted to discern the location of Liane and his post. Not finding any answers and full of anger, he left Minoc with plans of his own.

Some time later that same eve, armed fully and well stocked, the defenders gathered at the final post resting at Serpent’s Hold. While they waited, strategies were laid out for a form of defense, mages to heal the warriors and poison weapons made available. Time passed slowly and some wondered if the beast would come for the post at all. The answer came in the form of two daemons marked with silver hides, followed closely by Nostur’yl himself.

For several waves they struck, each time beaten back by the defenders with many lives being lost in the battle. Each time they were repelled, Nostur’yl would return moments later with newly summoned daemons in tow. For three strikes the defenders reigned victorious as the elite daemons fell to their deaths and Nostur’yl shifted his essence from solid to almost vapor and fled. Hope was rekindled in the spirits of the defenders for the beast could be driven off.

Then tragedy struck. Allies of Nostur’yl attacked the defenders in the form of the Cult of Infernal Necromancy as the fourth wave of daemons arrived. The fight atop the battlements began anew, with Nostur’yl and his most recently summoned daemon wading through the warriors while his allies struck out and separated the forces.

Corpse upon corpse stacked high against stone walls, the scent of death overpowering any but the most veteran of warrior, causing many to lose concentration in the battle. A simple mistake made, and another warrior fell to join their comrades before them. The tide had turned against the forces of good.

The area immediately surrounding the post was cleared of any living defender by the two daemons. Nostur’yl stood before the post as his daemonic minion fell back, keeping the living warriors from reaching its master. The great beast reached down and hoisted the obsidian post into the air with a roar of triumph just as the silver skinned daemon fell to the swords of the defenders. It didn’t matter though, this time the only retreat from Nostur’yl was in victory, claiming his prize. He waded across the corpses and those still living, ignoring any attack offered until outside of the battlements where he vanished