Skara Brae Faire Grounds Constructed

Hank Danger

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    Agnacio, nobleman of Skara Brae, and Bert, the Magincian merchant who became Skara Brae's largest landowner overnight, announced today that they were entering a partnership. The move puzzled and confused many people, both among those who watch the nobility and those who track the land's merchants.

"It must be a great move for Bert", said Jeremy, a scribe in Yew. "He has found an independently wealthy nobleman to partner with, but I truly wonder what Agnacio thinks he will get out of it. Something like this has to have a very specific purpose."

Goriel, a Trinsic shop owner, was equally puzzled. "I personally don't see what Bert is looking for here. Agnacio is known as a bit of a philantropist, but he has no real interest in the mechant's craft. He can supply gold, of course, but I know of a dozen potential partners for Bert who are equally wealthy and who would prove more useful on the commercial side of things." While the pair has not revealed the purpose of their partnership, one immediate result has been felt. Skara Brae's craftsmen were asked for one last flurry of activity as Agnacio's plan came together today, and the purpose behind the nobleman's purchases has been revealed. Today on Bert's fields near Skara Brae stands a stage, an arena, a statue, a banquet table... and more.

"Agnacio's craftsmen are very talented", said the famed architect Benton. "Not only are these constructions well-made and well-designed, they've also been erected almost overnight. That must have taken a lot of work, and I must say, I am impressed." Strong approval from a man who has been known to harshly critique the style of Lord Blackthorne's residence.

Prominently displayed on banners around the field are the words, "Skara Brae Faire Grounds". It seems Agnacio's intent was to give Skara Brae one thing it was direly missing: a place to hold its festivals and holidays.

Rachel, a fighter from Jhelom, was especially excited by the closed arena. "A fine place for dueling", she comments. "Just the right size, not so large that one has to run forever to catch his opponent, but not so small as to make strategy useless." "My friend and I snuck in and tried the stage", said Jean, a young lass of the town who aspires to be a bard. "There's lots of seating for the audience and I love how the sound carries."

Not all mysteries have been solved in Skara Brae, however. "Looking at the calendar, I see no holidays coming", said Jessica, scribe to the town's mayor. "Agnacio might be preparing for the next big feast, but that is a few months from now, so why all the haste?"

Some, like Jean, don't care. "I think Agnacio and Bert are planning a