Artist Creates Artwork Out Of Cloth

Blake the Bard

UP: Atlantic

     Many Britain townspeople awoke this morning to a shocking site: one of the large fields to the west of the city was completely covered in yards of dyed cloth! Was this the work of daemons and nightmares? No! It was a work of art, created by a local artist: a giant map of Britannia!

Johan Sennilin, a local tailor and part-time artist, approached local authorities last week, and asked for permission to create the gigantic map. He then approached the farmer that owns the field, to finalize the plan.

"I was a bit skeptical, at first" confessed the farmer. "But as we talked more, I really began to appreciate the idea."

"A few drinks down at the tavern, and he was sold," Johan reports. "Two mugs of ale, and he was ready to give me the pick of his daughters..."

Shrouded in secrecy, the artist began work after nightfall, and completed the map just before dawn. He greeted astounded townsfolk in the early morning, distributing marked runes for interesting places depicted on the map.

Sadly, the map only lasted a few hours before people began stealing the cloth