An Invitation to the Feast of Spirits

Lord Agnacio

UP: Baja

    Hail Citizens of Britannia,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lord Agnacio, a scholarly noble born in the City of Skara Brae. In my time I have read many a book, and pondered over many a tale, but nothing has intrigued me more than that of the history of our land. Countless hours of my life have been poured into reading about great wars, monstrous villains, valiant heroes, and most recently, hallmark festivals that have yet to be equaled - such as the once-proud Skara Brae tradition of the Feast of Spirits.

Long fallen into disuse, on one of the hottest days of the summer, when the sun brings the most light to the soul, all citizens gathered around to hold this Feast of Spirits. Every single year this Feast was held, Skara Brae, the City of Spirituality, would close its shops and begin celebration. This was a time for citizens to sit back, and reflect upon all that made their Spirits soar. They would mingle with other citizens, play games, attend shows, challenge each other at various contests, and most importantly, enjoy themselves and their lives. To conclude, a huge banquet would mark the end of the Feast, with friends confiding in friends their resolutions for the upcoming year.

However, none of this happens anymore. As time went by, year after year, the tradition began to die. Each year as more and more of the townspeople became obsessed with their busy lives, there was no time to attend. Fewer and fewer people continued to attend, until no one showed at all.

Yet the death of this Feast was only the symptom of a much larger problem. Can you not sense the decline of Spirit throughout the land? As I make my strolls through the towns, everywhere I look stand more and more disheartened people going about their daily tasks, for no reason other than they know nothing better. Hard work and toil has chipped away at our Spirit for so very long, that a Virtue, which once served as our guiding beacon, has become muddled and obscured, and as result we have become lost.

It is for that very reason that I sought out my new partner, the merchant Bert, and have invested a great fortune into constructing the massive Faire Grounds upon his land. Mark my word citizens, the Feast of Spirits will be held once again. Let us all rejoice in games and show and good cheer! Let us make plans for our future and renew our Spirit! It shall be not just a time of joy, but also a time of thought, as we reflect upon those qualities that make our Spirits soar.

With no further hesitation:

I Cordially Invite You To Attend the Skara Brae Feast of Spirits

Date: Sunday, Sept. 3, 2000

Time: Noon PST to Midnight PST

Where: The Skara Brae Faire Grounds, located North-East of Skara Brae, at 47o 32'S 25o 47'W, in Trammel

What to Expect: Food, fun, drink and game! There are currently many events planned, ranging from scavenger hunts to arena brawls against rare and exotic beasts, however...

Why should my associates and I be the only ones allowed to provide for a good time? We wish to open it up to you, and to all citizens, to run events at the Feast. This is a chance for your guild, city, tavern, town, etc. to stand up and be noticed, and to do so in a way that benefits countless others. Come, be creative, and share the Spirit you have with everyone!

Now, for a number of reasons, ranging from avoiding scheduling conflicts (e.g. use of the stage), to ensuring that all events are kept within the Spirit of the event, I ask that you please submit all events prior for approval. To make this easy for all involved, I ask that all submissions be made using the following format:

Name of Event:

Organization/Person Holding the Event:

Needed Faire Facilities (Stage, Arena, Tables, Bar, Pond, etc.):

Requested Time to Start Event (PST) (Include three):

Estimated Length of Event:

Event Description:

Any Other Information/Comments You Wish to Include:

The deadline for event submissions will be Wednesday, August 30, but it is strongly recommended you get your submissions in early to secure one of your requested timeslots.

As a final note, I will be extremely busy with preparation work these next couple of weeks, so I ask that you please direct any questions, or event submissions, towards Seer Eliar at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to seeing you at the Feast!

Your Friend,