Mayhem In The Hedge Maze

Damien Khardis

UP: Pacific

    Louis was looking for help according to the reports by the town criers. Apparently he was asking for people to meet with him at the Blue Boar Tavern in Britain. Being the curious type, I headed on over to check things out.

It was not long before people from the realms who were eager for adventure showed up to see what was going on as well. Seemed to me, by the way he was staggering, that Louis had already had a few more drinks than he should have. After hearing his tale, I soon understood why he had been drinking so heavily.

According to Louis, he and his friends had been out gathering wood when they stumbled upon the old hedge maze. They had never been inside of it and, being a little curious, they decided to check it out. Once in the center of the maze they came upon a group of men dressed in red robes. Being the polite and sociable type, one of Louis’s friends approached them and tried to make friends. Turned out the men in the red robes were not very sociable, for before he could get more than “Hello” out of his mouth they were casting some very nasty spells at the group. It was all Louis could do to get out of the maze with his life. As he was looking back, he noticed that all of the rest of his party had fallen to the evil mages.

Once he had explained what had happened, Louis begged those gathered to avenge the death of his fallen comrades. Many present demanded to be rewarded for taking such risk but when Louis informed them that he was but a poor lumberjack and had little to offer but the knowledge that they were doing the right thing, the group agreed to help out at no charge. This made Louis extremely happy, for he would soon see these evil men pay for their actions.

It took some time for the group to figure out how to get to the maze and many headed off on foot or horseback while others waited for someone to find a magical means to get to the maze. Before long, a rather sizable group was on its way to the labyrinthine hedge.

Upon arriving at the maze, the heroes came upon a group of more than just mages. It seems that the mages had allied themselves with Orcs and a few Ettins. It was a very fierce battle and many of the brave adventurers that set out were slain fighting off the waves of red robed villains and their allies.

After defeating many groups of the evil beings, one final group of considerable force appeared, but the heroes held their ground. Some even summoned up Daemons to assist them in the fight. It was a hard fought battle, but in the end the brave adventurers triumphed.

It has been a long time since I have heard of this many of the red robed ones gathering in one spot. What could they be plotting? Why gather at the hedge maze of all places? Is there something about this place that is important to them? It has often been said that the hedge maze is an interesting place. What marvels may lay hidden there, one wonders? For what reason would the Orcs and Ettins be helping these evil beings? What could the Orcs and Ettins hope to gain from this? The questions are endless it seems, but the answers to these and many more questions are hard to come by.

My thanks to all the brave adventurers that came out to help this poor man in his time of need. It is so wonderful to see such hearty people step forth and help someone in their time of need and in such sorrow as this man must have been - and dare I say most likely still is. My hats off to you all for your truly wonderful assistance. You all performed a job that this reporter would never