A Ruby Sunset or the Shining of Gold?

Jaerlom the Flying Parchment

UP: Catskills

    A fresh breeze, the deep blue sea and a ruby sunset. The romantic life of a sailor as depicted in a novel. But the everyday work of a fisherman is eminently more full of privation and prominently more banal.

As is a working day in the life of Faerghed the fisherman, a boat captain in Britain and the main supplier of fresh fish to the court of Lord British.

"The market has become importantly harder" says Faerghed "if me doesn't supply the court with fresh fish, and ye won't believe the tremendous requirement, then does a competitor of me! Ye know, for me and me family, this' a question of survival."

"Me was for the first time forced to muster workers to aid me in the catch. Alone, me could never have fished the constituted quantity from the seas. Fortunately, there are enough capable women and men in Britain, which are ready -for appropriate payment, of course- to lend a hand on me cutter."

It is a sign of the world we live in, when even simple fishermen are forced to develop as businessmen for being able to face the deadly breakers of life threatening them in their very existence. But yet this life remains...hoping that the romance of the seafarer survives despite this development.