Creatures of Ice

Prellis the scribe

UP: Atlantic

    Appearing as a mage, Nostur’yl sat atop the tower that housed the Cult of Infernal Necromancy, staring off into the waters before him. His thoughts drifted to the obsidian post which now rested someplace at the bottom of the water, left there by the ancient wyrm known as Liane. Lost in thoughts of the post’s recovery, the daemon hardly noticed when Segellion arrived upon the tower roof.

After a short conversation between the daemon and Segellion, Reminisence was summoned for. The two spoke of the waters and the post within as they awaited the arrival of the bride of Smogg Azalin. Their talk had turned to the daemon’s inability to enter the water to retrieve the post when Reminisence appeared.

“I have need of your aid and that of the cult,” Nostur’yl said, cutting through the pleasantries. “A small task, nothing which you cannot handle. I was just speaking with the cultist here about the water. As you might or might not know, I am unable to enter it, being a creature of fire. Which presents quite a problem for retrieving the post of obsidian that lies beneath the waters.”

Not used to dealing with any from the Cult than Smogg Azalin himself, Nostur’yl paused to ensure the Lady of Twilight had absorbed all that he said before continuing, “I have spent the better part of mine time searching for a solution to this problem. An ally is needed, one who is not restricted from the water as mine person, but one who is also strong enough to carry the post back from the depths.”

Again the daemon paused before presenting the solution he had devised. “There are brethren of mine in this realm. Have you ever met an ice fiend, mine lady?”

Once Reminisence had confirmed her knowledge of the creatures, a plan was devised to enlist the aid of an ice fiend. Nostur’yl departed after his request was presented, leaving the Cult of Infernal Necromancy to set about the task of recruiting one such beast.

Many cultists were summoned to provide safe passage into the Lost Lands and further into the depths of the dungeon of ice within. A difficult task, despite what Nostur’yl claimed, for many creatures made the dungeon their home, creatures that would sooner accept the group as a food source then communicate with them.

After many struggles with the ice creatures, the group arrived at the halls known to house the ice fiends they sought. Several of the beasts were found in the opening rooms, but each attacked the party on sight, presenting no chance for the group to state its case. The group moved further into the halls with more ice fiends blocking their path with attacks, if not the fiends themselves then the pet mages the beasts kept as their slaves.

Obtaining the aid of one of these destructive creatures seemed almost hopeless as the group peered into the last of the remaining rooms in their search. Within the library situated off the very end of the hallway, a daemon, unlike the ice fiends they had already found, stood looking through books on the shelves. The frost daemon paid no attention to the group entering, its attention set upon the book held in its clawed hand. A human corpse rested near the daemon’s feet, the corpse of its slave mage that had been killed some hours before by ruthless adventurers, prior to being driven off by the daemon.

A greeting was offered to the frost daemon, rousing it from its reading, only to be answered with orders to leave the hall. It turned back to the bookshelves and retrieved a different book, once again lost in research. Unfortunately for the beast, the group had come too far to be turned away and Reminisence persisted, stating, “Nostur’yl has sent us here.”

The mention of the chosen name of a Lord of the Abyss commanded respect from any daemon with half a mind, regardless of what caste the daemon might be. And so it was with the frost daemon, closing the book in its hand and turning to the one who spoke the name, it said “Nostur’yl? I wish to speak with Nostur’yl. Is he here? Bring Nostur’yl to mine person, mortals!”

It was not the reaction the group had expected, but they had its attention now. A discussion ensued over the creature’s desire to see Nostur’yl, as well as Nostur’yl’s need for the frost daemon. It was explained that the creature of ice could not leave the frozen land without harm to itself from the heat and was doing research into means of avoiding such. For this research the beast desired a daemon born of fire to examine. However, it was assumed that a daemon of fire could not enter such a cold place without being harmed as well, presenting a stalemate of sorts.

Having more intelligence than its ice fiend brethren, the daemon presented a solution. In a day’s time the life of its slave mage would be restored and would be sent with the group to meet Nostur’yl. This would allow the mage to study a fire daemon in person while still answering the call of a daemon lord’s request for aid. Both parties agreed to the arrangement and the daemon turned back to its books as the group took their leave and returned to offer the