Undead Antics

Zarkhon Xenok.

UP: Pacific

     Many had thought that the attacks were at an end. The undead had not shown their faces for quite some time. Such was not the case it turned out. There were two large attacks this past weekend and it took many brave adventurers to stop them.

Attacks took place in both the Moonglow and Vesper Cemeteries. These attacks were not like the others in that they were much more intense. Several large groups of the foul creatures appeared, as well as many leader type creatures.

Moonglow saw the appearance of several Skeletal Knights and some Skeletal Lords. These creatures were a new sight at the Cemetery. The vile undead were strong indeed, and many brave warriors fell to their blows.

Vesper saw the appearance of several Spectres, Warriors and Spectre Lords. Much like their Skeletal relatives, these creatures were also very tough and slew many brave warriors as well.

The heroes of the realms enlisted the aid of Nightmares, Dragons, Daemons and other beings to aid them. Several of these creatures were also slain during the battle. Throughout the battles, the town criers called for more help, urging men and women to step forward in defense of the townships.

It took some time for the heroes of the realm to rally. Eventually, they managed to gather in force and drive the foul beings back. Through their heroic efforts, the undead were driven back to wherever it is they came from. With the defeat of so many of their leaders, it seems that we can finally breath a sigh of relief. Or can we? Is it truly safe to travel near the graveyards and visit the sights of our loved ones whom have fallen to illnesses, natural and even non-natural causes? We must remain vigilant, I say, for we never know just when these creatures will strike again - or where for that matter. I for one would hate to see us caught unprepared. As always, my thanks go out to those that