Provisioner Found Dead, Orcs Implicated

Donovan, Reporter

UP: Great Lakes

    Minoc resident Erik the Provisioner, was found dead recently, in the forests east of Yew, near the Bloodrock Orc Fort. His body was marked by many wounds, most of which would have been mortal, which suggests that the Orcs desecrated his body after death. Also found in the area were the remains of the members of the Cult of the Rat, an outlaw group of mages that were banished from Moonglow some months ago for the study of forbidden magics. Strangely, also strewn about the area were the corpses of dozens of common Ravens. On the day of his murder, Erik was seen in Moonglow accompanied by a large number of Orcs, inquiring as to the whereabouts of Marcus, a wizard of some note, and an active part in the current struggle between Moonglow and Nujelím. When I attempted to interview Marcus, I found that the citizens of Moonglow have no idea as to his whereabouts. The last reported sighting of him was on the day of the murder, north of the Royal Zoo, and in the company of two Moonglow citizens.