Night of the Living Dead?

Cara Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

    Greetings readers, Iím Cara Newsman, your Combat Chronicler. Today I bring you two events. It will be for you to decide if their seeming connection is just a simple coincidence or if something more sinister is stirring. These two events took place in different parts of our land, one in Moonglow Felucca, the other in Yew Felucca, and were scant days apart.

I had recently been in Moonglow, staying at the Youth Hostel there and had attended a vigil at the Trammel cemetery. Horrid undead rose up and attacked the defenders that were there, but were eventually put to rest once more. Things have been quiet in Moonglow Trammel since. But if one were to travel to Felucca, the undead occurrences there have taken a drastic rise. I needed to visit the Abbey in Yew, Felucca, to meet with another chronicler, so I traversed the facets just outside of Moonglow.

For no reason yet determined, the undead in the Moonglow cemetery in Felucca rose up in numbers and set upon anyone that ventured near the graveyard. Although I did not witness this myself, I did hear rumor that there were red liches and even a yellow liche commander among the walking dead. I did find myself dodging an ash bone knight as well as an ebon bone knight.

The rains that had been plaguing Trammel Moonglow were in abundance in Felucca Moonglow as well. Warriors slogged through the morass, spattering their fellows with entrails and mud. Fortunately, the swampish ground seemed to slow the undead as well. I cannot rightly say how long the fighting went on, but the sky grew dark long before the ravaging undead were finally put back to their eternal rest.

Normally my tale would end here, but only two days later, while I was on my way to the Abbey in Yew, I happened to be passing north of the Crypts that lie to the east of Yew. The hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention as the eerie wail of a wraith mixed with the maniacal laughter of liches. Always having pad and quill with me, I dodged amongst the houses there to see what was happening.

I found a group of people frantically fighting off all kinds of undead. A chill ran up my spine as I looked to see if there were any oddly colored undead - fortunately, there were not. Small armies of skeletons crunched alongside the rotting husks of zombies. Bone knights in turn led them while the flanks were being covered by bone mages. There were liches being directed by liche lords and the carnage before my eyes was almost more than I could put to paper.

The local residents put up a valiant fight against the living dead. Some of them fell to the foul creatures and, being on the wrong side of Lord Britishís laws, the wandering healers would not assist them. Fortunately, their fellows were skilled in the arts of healing and rejoined body to soul.

After some time, the undead raid seemed to stop and the only sounds left were those of a more human nature, the sounds of folk searching among the wounded for fallen friends, voices giving rise to hidden fears of what the attack might mean. No one was able to pin a reason on the attack of the living dead.

Were these two attacks just random uprisings? Is there something far more sinister behind the attacks? Only time will tell. Until then, Iím Cara