Feast of Spirits A Huge Success!

Hank Danger

UP: Baja

    Skara Brae - The long-awaited Feast of Spirits, a traditional faire where folk could enjoy merriment and good cheer, was celebrated this year for the first time in decades… And I’m relieved to say that it was nothing short of a resounding success.

In attendance was a crowd the likes of which had not been seen since the valiant defenders of Britannia descended for their final battle in Trinsic. However, this time, the occasion was merriment, not war.

"It was a lot of fun!" said Marie, a local rancher. "I especially liked the horse race. There was quite a bit of exceptional horseflesh being ridden out there, but I think the credit should go to the riders. Their guidance of the animals was truly inspired."

"The Last Man Standing contest was a true test of Valor", said the warrior Roland. "But it was a test of wit as much as it was a test of strength. It was obvious that the latter contestants had developed strategies that enabled them to stand longer in the arena. In the end, this served them as well as a stout heart and strong swordarm."

Besides those contests of Valor, mellower pursuits were available. "The Cinderella play, written and acted by The Golden Globe Players, was a wonderful rendition of that classic tale of a downtrodden girl from N’ujelm succeeding where the wicked fail", noted Eleanor, an actress who fondly recalls the long walk that brought her from Britain to the Faire Grounds.

Yet, this was but a small sample of the events that Bert, Lord Agnacio, and many independent contributors organized. "I'd say it was a resounding success", said Lord Agnacio. "I found that my fears about the people's Spirituality were not well-founded in the least, and this has served to strengthen my own spirit. For this, I wish to thank everyone who came and participated in the Feast."

Agnacio's partner, Bert, nailed to his bed with a serious case of pneumonia, could not attend the event. Yet, despite that, he remained pleased with the Feast. "The attendance was far greater than expected", he said gleefully. "We ran out of food and ale!"

Agnacio smiled at this and said, "I dare say that the Feast, and the sheer amount of people who attended, have convinced him that my idea to leave the Faire Grounds standing was the right one. Now the folk of Britannia will have a grand place to hold their own festivals and events."

"Indeed", said Bert. "More folk to pass by my vendors and shops."

The fortuneteller Katrina, meanwhile, makes her next prediction known. "I sense that we have not seen the last of the Feast of Spirits, or of the Faire