Xerot the Illusionist Defeated

Blake the Bard

UP: Atlantic

    At long last, Xerot and his shadow creatures have departed our realm. By the same action, the “Sword of Sacrifice” is back in safe hands.

The flame of shadow, an eldritch force, had once again been revealed to the world. Knowing of its threat, the great wyrms sealed the flame in a temple high in the mountains, far beyond the reach of most creatures. However, the flame made the temple a most dangerous site - if the light of the flame cast upon an intruder, the intruder’s shadow would rise up and attack him.

Xerot, cloaked in his spells of illusion, and using some form of magical transportation, managed to breach the temple and trap the shadow flame in an enchanted lantern of his own design. With this device, Xerot was able to create creatures of shadow - much stronger than their real counterparts - and laid siege to our cities.

The great red wyrm - the one we call Lady Liane - studied the illusionist's magic and was able to craft magical torches capable of dispelling his invisibility. Distracting the shadow creatures, brave adventurers managed to uncover Xerot and wrestle him to the ground. Trapped and vulnerable, Xerot screamed in terror as Liane took the flame from his lantern, and he was torn apart by his own creations.