Jewel Thieves

Johann the Scribe

UP: Pacific

    Hail and Well Met! I was wandering through town the other day, when I came across a nobleman. He seemed to be bragging about a recent battle that he and some other bounty hunters had managed to pull off with minimal losses.

It seems that a band of dragons attacked this nobleman, along with a caravan of other merchants. The dragons killed some of the merchants, but it seems that their only real intent was to steal the goods they were carrying. The merchants had spent the previous day gathering jewels from what the nearby miners had left behind. They were taking them to town to sell to the jewelers. These Dragons were fond of the pretty colors, however, and decided to take them all.

The nobleman had hidden in the woods before the dragons saw him, and when they were gone, he followed them from a distance. He saw where they went, and decided that he would need help in slaying these monsters. He ran to town and gathered as many bounty hunters he could find, as well as many warriors willing to help kill the dragons. When they arrived where the nobleman last saw them, the dragons created a magical gate that took them to another part of the world. It was similar to the place they had left behind, but here the air was tinged with the smell of death. The trees were without leaves and the grasses brown from lack of water.