The Brothers Escape

Xavius Creel

UP: Pacific

    Tis a sad, sad day indeed my fellow Britannians. A day, which seemed to have been turning for the best, ended in terrible disaster. As I was wandering to Marsh Hall in Vesper I happened to pass by a local town crier who was shouting about two brothers in need of help finding a lost treasure of some sort. Without hesitation I traveled to the Britain Counselors Hall where it was said that these brothers were awaiting adventurers to help them. At first none of us thought much of the way the two brothers, Ezekiel and Lazarus, were acting, nor of their shady disposition towards us. Perhaps it was the greed in us all that took the dangers of these two men for granted this eve…what ever it was, it fooled us all.

When a large enough collection of citizens had arrived, the brothers handed out a few runes to the site of this treasure and gates began to form all around. We all entered the gates, prepared for almost anything. Shortly after we had arrived a wizard by the name of Talamon halted us and began to warn us of the brother’s treachery and deceit. Again I must say that our greed had taken the best of us this eve, as we paid little attention to the wizard as we ventured forth to the site at which the brothers had said the treasure would be found. As a final desperate act, the wizard called forth all of the elementals known to our world, in order to stop us from advancing.

A short battle ensued, but we were victorious. The wizard, Talamon, was nowhere to be seen and so the two brothers began to dig. In short order Ezekiel and Lazarus were able to uncover the treasure chest and pick its locks. Unfortunately, as soon as they opened the chest both brothers died and our peril began. With the explosions of the brother’s deaths came four spirits into our realm. We could hardly believe our ears when one of the spirits spoke - but that disbelief soon turned into horror when we heard what the spirit was saying, “You fooooolllllssss…. Youuuu have finally awoken us from our ssssslumber”.

With these few words, I finally realized what we had unleashed into our world. The four spirits were the four banished brothers known as Belg’ri, Corrak, Selroth, and Amoran.

I prayed to the Virtues upon my realization of who the spirits were, but I fear it was too late. The four brothers began to unleash an unheard of attack against us with the aide of many undead creatures. Many brave warriors died in the struggle this night as we fought for our very souls. After what seemed to be an eternity, the fight ended and the four spirits were nowhere to be seen. It was at this time that the wizard Talamon returned to us. It was of no surprise to see the wizard in a rather disgruntled state about the situation, but luckily the grizzled mage was more than willing to help us fight these spirits. Talamon quickly explained that the four spirits were indeed the spirits of the banished brothers Belg’ri, Corrak, Selroth, and Amoran.

The wizard spoke and promised to return to the Counselor’s Guild Hall of Britain in three days time - on the day that men call Thursday, as the sun sets in the Western ocean during the 8th hour of night. He hopes that by then he will have found a way to return the Four Brothers back to the abyss where they belong.

Meanwhile, what will be in store for us? Will the brothers begin to ravage our fair land? Or perhaps hide until they grow in strength and numbers? I for one will be making sure all of my doors are locked this eve and I will be sleeping with a candle lit by my bedside for the first time since my childhood.