Gladiator Games

Usar the merchant

UP: Drachenfels

    It was a day like many others, the sun was shining in Vesper and many merchants and warriors were standing near the bank just waiting for a good trade. Among them was the merchant Usar. He was attempting to sell his goods, as he did every day, when something strange occurred. A man wearing a red cloak and golden armor astride a magnificent horse stopped near the bank. He sat on his horse and began to yell: “Citizens of Vesper, hear ye, hear ye! I have the honor to announce that on Thursday in the evening there will be the Jhelom Gladiator Games. The Games will take place in the Jhelom Pit. We are looking for Bestiarii from every corner of Britannia. The Bestiarri who win will be rewarded by the Munerator.”

Usar wondered what the golden armored warrior was talking about. He was a curious man and he had to ask. “Sorry but may I ask you who are you and what is a ‘Bestiarii’?”

The man in the golden armor laughed loudly and answered: “What, you do not know what a Bestiarii is? And you do not know who I am? I am an Auctoratus and I am here because the Curator of the Pit looks for Bestiarii. Bestiarii are gladiators. If they win they will get a prize from the Munerator, who is financing the games. If you think you are strong and brave enough, come to the Pit.”

“As said, we are looking for Bestiarii. They are a special type of gladiator trained to handle and fight all sorts of animals and monsters. If you think you are ready to become a Bestiarii, you can come to the Pit and take the Gladiator Oath. To be a gladiator means to endure pain and hardship, to fight well or to die ignominiously, and above all, to make every moment of a short and uncertain life a way to show the virtues of courage and discipline. In fighting courageously and skillfully, you might demonstrate sufficient valor to win the respect of all the citizens of Britannia; in a death accepted without protest, you could acquire it as well.”

“If you feel ready, come on Thursday evening to the Jhelom Pit on the Felucca Facet and be prepared to fight against monsters coming from all the different corners of the Old Lands. If you would like to have more information, you can come to the Jhelom Pit and speak with the Curator. He normally works all the day in the Pit.”