New Exihibits on Display at Vesper Museum

Blake the Bard

UP: Atlantic

 A pair of new artifacts have been placed on display at the Vesper museum. These two recent acquisitions are the robe of Zxytortwp the oracle, and Xerot's lantern of illusions.

The Oracle first appears in our history when she trapped the daemon Nostur'yl in the Abyss and removed his powers, sealing them within enchanted gems. By banishing the daemon, she also trapped herself in Wind, where she remained until her recent death. Zxytortwp was killed by minions of the daemon Nostur'yl after she was forced to reveal that her death would release Nostur'yl and restore his powers.

The illusionist Xerot commissioned the construction of a lantern of peerless quality, which he then enchanted. This vessel was used as a container for the flame of shadow, which allowed Xerot to create his shadow creatures. In defeating Xerot, the great red wyrm stole the flame from the lantern, rendering it useless.