Strange Sightings in the Cemeteries

Zarkhon Xenoc

UP: Pacific

    Late last night the town criers were quite active. The first call went out announcing that something was happening at the Britain cemetery. As adventurers began to arrive they saw large masses of undead the likes of which are not normally seen there. Among the creatures were bone knights, bone mages and even the fearsome Lich Lords. Many fell at the hands of these powerful beings.

All of this was strange enough but there was something else that even stranger. Among those in the cemetery were two people wandering about telling others that they should flee. Most simply ignored them and went about their business of fighting the foul beings in the graveyard.

A few people did notice that once these two strangers departed things in the cemetery began to calm down. Could these two have had something to do with what was happening? Was this the last that we would see of them?

Those questions were answered very shortly afterwards. Soon after the happenings at the Britain cemetery the town criers announced that something similar was happening in the cemetery near Cove. Many rushed off to see what was happening there. The sight was much as it was in Britain. Bone mages, bone knights, liches and the dreaded Lich Lords were once again causing havoc.

Among those within the cemetery were the two figures that had been spotted in Britain. They seemed to be looking for something. A few brave souls confronted them and asked what it was they were looking for. This seemed to annoy them as they commented about summoning their minions and before long more of the foul undead arose from the ground. Is it possible these two are somehow summoning up the undead to assist them? As before in Britain the attacks seemed to cease shortly after the two departed the cemetery. Maybe they had finally found that which they were after and were gone for good.

Alas though this would prove not to be the case as shortly after the attacks stopped in Cove the call from the town criers went out once again. This time they were asking for assistance with a similar uprising in the cemetery near Vesper. As adventurers arrived they found a similar sight. Once again the two figures were seen wandering about the cemetery.

Some brave fellows tried to approach them and ask what they were doing. As before they told them to leave them be and summoned forth more of their minions. The scene was more chaotic in Vesper than it had been at the other cemeteries. Perhaps this was due to the number of adventurers that had turned out to see what was going on. Not only were there undead present this time but a very powerful elemental of a green hue was seen. It slew many which tried to defeat it before being killed by the adventurers that arrived to stop it.

This time some of those present managed to catch the names of the two that were searching about the cemetery. It seems they held the names of Dread Lord Wilhaim and Dread Lady Suzonne. The two of them were seen searching the gravesites and reading the grave markers. After a long search they commented that what they sought did not seem to be here. Before they departed they were heard commenting that two other sites still remained to be checked and they would have to head over that way tomorrow night. Perhaps we will be able to catch them soon and find out what they are after. What could be so important to them that they summoned up such creatures to keep others from stopping them? What is this item they seek and what will they do with it if and when they find it? Let us hope that they do not find it and that they are stopped by the brave adventurers of the lands.